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prof. Ing. arch. Maroš Finka, PhD.
Identification number: 434
University e-mail: maros.finka [at] stuba.sk

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis:
Diploma thesis
Thesis title:
Northwestern Development Pole Bratislava - Development of Settlement Structures in Relation to the Industrial Zone in Volkswagen Slovakia
Written by (author):
Institute of Management of the STU (OUP REK)
Thesis supervisor:
prof. Ing. arch. Maroš Finka, PhD.
Opponent:Ing. arch. Dana Drobniaková, PhD.
Final thesis progress:
Final thesis was successfully defended.

Additional information

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Language of final thesis:Slovak

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Title of the thesis:
Northwestern Development Pole Bratislava - Development of Settlement Structures in Relation to the Industrial Zone in Volkswagen Slovakia
The basic idea of the thesis is to create the development concept of the core areas of automotive cluster. The diploma thesis consists of four chapters. The first chapter deals with the practical problems, as well as about the theoretical background related to the formation and function of the cluster. The second chapter focuses on the objectives and the methodology of work. The third chapter is a practical part, which points to the experience with the function of clusters in Slovakia as well as in Czech Republic. It also includes the conceptual part, that describes the principles and framework principles conditioning the formation of cluster and the application part, which is the summary of the gained knowledges and also deals with the application of key principles to build a cluster, which help to develop suitable strategies for the development of a cluster. The third chapter also includes an analysis of Bratislava, its limits and potentials and consequently the proposal. The last fourth chapter is the conclusion, which summarizes and evaluates the contribution of the work for the practice. The work also includes the graphical part, which consists of the analytical and design maps. The contribution of a work rests in the effective evaluation of a territory as well as in the opportunities of development for developer companies.
Key words:
northwest development pole, cluster, development, development in the fourth quadrant, Centrop, economic, Volkswagen

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