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Ing. arch. Eva Borecká, PhD.
Identification number: 53660
University e-mail: eva.borecka [at]
Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD. - Department of Architecture (FCE)
External colleague - Faculty of Architecture (STU)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:The vacant lot in city build-up area
Written by (author): Nikola Roháčová
Department: Department of Architecture (FCE)
Thesis supervisor: Ing. arch. Eva Borecká, PhD.
Opponent:Ing. arch. Vladimíra Šimkovičová, PhD.
Final thesis progress:Final thesis is incomplete

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Language of final thesis:Slovak

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Title of the thesis:The vacant lot in city build-up area
Summary:Concept of this bachelor thesis is based on the local plan of the Prešov city and typology of administrative buildings. The main aim of the the thesis is to project appropriate filling of free area between two buildings – a gap site, so that its simplicity fits in terraced house of the Jarkova street. The second aim is to bring art in modern way into street loosing charm of its history in the historical zone of the city because of inadaptable buildings from 80´s. One of many purposes is utilization of one room in the building for different workshops, lectures, readings and consultations for all age categories and also for their self-realization, development and relax. Nevertheless to keep the green area on the solved parcel as big as possible and her continuity with the small park on the neighboring parcel, what gives option to interconnect already mentioned room with this area especially in summer months.
Key words:historical zone, gap site, administrative, Prešov

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