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doc. Ing. Otília Lulkovičová, PhD.
Identification number: 808
University e-mail: qlulkovicova [at]
External colleague - Faculty of Civil Engineering (STU)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis:
Diploma thesis
Thesis title:Design of yearly utilization for solar energy system to provide hot water and support heating in flat-building.
Written by (author): Ing. Lukáš Skalík, PhD.
Thesis supervisor:
Ing. Juraj Kabzan
Final thesis progress:
Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Language of final thesis:

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Title of the thesis:
Design of yearly utilization for solar energy system to provide hot water and support heating in flat-building.
The diploma work solve with the project of using the sun energy for partial deck of heat demand in Polyfunctional flat -- building. It is about yearly utilization of solar energy system to provide hot water and support heating in general. The heat requirement for each single equipment is specified in the chapter 1. Next has been determined theoretical effectiveness for varios slopes of collector area and we found out that the most convenient slopes according to the whole -- year utilization are slopes of 45° and 60° From alternatives of proposal solar collector in the chapter 2, we found out that the flat collector are economical most suitable and it absorb optimal quantity of solar energy to heat water through the whole - year. Designed has been flat collectors from company Viessmann, type Vitosol 200 -- F, for which in the chapter 2.1 and 2.2 heat balance was made. After the overall evaluation the best results has been reached by the area of 30,12 m2 with the slope of 60°. Designed surface is equivalent with 12 pcs of flat collectors and these values provide heating of water from March to September. The summer surpluses are acceptable. In the chapter 3 has been components of solar energy system dimensioned and designed as well as additional source of heating with appropriate technological equipments. Regulation of solar energy system as well as boiler or more precisely heating system has been solved in the chapter 4. Finally, in the end of these work, there is an economic valuation shown in the chapter 5.
Key words:
Sun, Collector, Heating

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