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doc. Ing. Ivan Juríček, PhD.
Identification number: 878
University e-mail: ivan.juricek [at]
External colleague - Department of Building Technology (FCE)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Diploma thesis
Thesis title:Polyfunctional building Hrachová - II. stage, object "E"
Written by (author): Ing. František Beláň
Department: Department of Building Technology (FCE)
Thesis supervisor: doc. Ing. Ivan Juríček, PhD.
Opponent:Ing. Veronika Jendeková
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

Additional information

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Language of final thesis:Slovak

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Title of the thesis:Polyfunctional building Hrachová - II. stage, object "E"
Summary:The aim of the finally diploma work a two-year engineering study was on the specified object Polyfunctional building Hrachová - II. stage, object "E" to develop a project site facilities with the timetable of construction, deployment mechanisms, histogram workers focusing on the implementation of structural work and finishing processes and technological regulation for the installation suspended ceiling LUXALON WIDE PANEL CARRIER SYSTEM 300C. In parts of the design site facilities I was trying to develop the best quality construction and technological preparation of construction and its compliance with the construction in order to create conditions for correct runnig construction. It is important, as much as possible to shorten the construction period, that we are able to regulate (minimize) the total cost of building. We prepared to achieve precise organization of construction site traffic (site facilities) and organization of construction works (timetable). My diploma work is divided into text and graphics section. In the text part, I developed a technical report to the facility site, calculations, explanations to the graphical part and to the timetable, which may serve as an example for the development of construction and technological preparation works for the realization of similar buildings. Text section also includes technology for ceiling installation LUXALON WIDE PANEL CARRIER SYSTEM 300C, which is mounted on my specified object (Polyfunctional building Hrachová - II. stage, object "E"). Can be used on any object. Low quality of some of our buildings is due to the lack of decree, whose main role is to facilitate the work of employees and prevent unsolvable situations, but also other advantages. It's instruction, which takes into issues can quickly integrate less skilled workers or even workers who are with this topic yet come not into contact. In my particular object, the ceilings LUXALON 300C will be mounted on the bottom surface of the gallery, which will be insulated and will be located on the eastern side of the building, over the entrances to the premises and communications to the stairway. While taking a ceiling I resolved anchoring ceiling, insulation protruding reinforced concrete slabs, under which it made false ceiling, installation of luminaries in the ceiling and soffit ceiling panels. In the graphic part, I developed drawing of situation site facilities for the shell construction and finishing processes, which together with the technical report to site facilities facilitate the work of concractor and will base at design of site facilities and and in construction work. Further graphical part contains a timetable for construction, which is processed through the schedule, the histogram staff, deployment mechanisms, deployment object of site facilities, and thus provides information on the progress of construction, and to monitor the implementation of construction at the time. For ceiling mounting I made drawing to the topic with relevant details, layouts and cuts and to familiarize them with the object I have assembled from the given floor plans, sections and views of the situation and familiarization poster. My outputs can help a site manager and other stakeholders to build a better and more efficient planning, monitoring and implementation of construction.
Key words:object E, timetable, mounting ceiling

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