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Bc. Nikola Ondrová
Identification number: 81561
University e-mail: xondrova [at] stuba.sk
2940T12  Food, Hygiene, Cosmetics I-POHYKO
FCFT I-POHYKO den [term 1, year 1]
Master type of study, full-time, attendance method form
1st year of study / 1st semester of study
Study group no.: 06

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:Antioxidant activity of the compounds in the seeds of grapes Cabernet Sauvignon and their potential use in cosmetics
Written by (author): Bc. Nikola Ondrová
Department: Institute of Food Science and Nutrition (FCFT)
Thesis supervisor: Ing. František Kreps, PhD.
Opponent:Ing. Aneta Ácsová
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Language of final thesis:Slovak

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Title of the thesis:Antioxidant activity of the compounds in the seeds of grapes Cabernet Sauvignon and their potential use in cosmetics
Summary:Impact of the external environment and free radicals to human body leads to the formation of oxidative stress. It can cause various health problems varying from skin aging to serious diseases. Reducing the speed of radical reactions provides antioxidants, which are currently subject of interest due to their health and beauty effects. It is desirable to slow down the apparent signs of aging based on the correct application of cosmetic products and cosmetic treatments, because negative free radicals are also produced on the skin. This bachelor thesis is focused on the analysis of substances in ethanol extracts from grape marcs, produced during the wine production, that can be potentially used in the cosmetics industry. Specifically, grape seed extracts represent an important source of phenolic compounds such as flavonoids or anthocyanidins and other important bioactive substances, which possess high antioxidant activity inhibiting the propagation of highly reactive free radicals. The antioxidant activity determined in ethanolic Vitis vinifera seed extract of Cabernet Sauvignon variety by modified DPPH method has amount of 65.25 μmol TE/mg. The total phenolic content of the extract is 209.6 mg GAE/g dry sample. Based on these values demonstrating the suitability of applying grape seed extracts to cosmetic products, we have prepared W/O cosmetic emulsions. They were found to be stable in emulsion stability tests.
Key words:DPPH, Vitis vinifera, trolox, Folin-Ciocalteau reagent, cosmetic emulsion

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