Mar 19, 2019   9:49 p.m. Jozef
Academic information system

Lecture rooms

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Campus: Bratislava - Mlyn.dolina, Karl.ves

Building identificationNameDetailsNumber of classrooms/lecture roomsSelect building
FEI AFEI-Ilkovičova, blok A30
FEI A-BFEI-Ilkovičova, blok A-B3
FEI BFEI-Ilkovičova, blok B52
FEI B-CFEI-Ilkovičova, blok B-C3
FEI CFEI-Ilkovičova, blok C52
FEI C-DFEI-Ilkovičova, blok C-D3
FEI DFEI-Ilkovičova, blok D61
FEI D-EFEI-Ilkovičova, blok D-E3
FEI EFEI-Ilkovičova, blok E36
FEI TV-PLFEI-Ilkovičova, blok TV-PL6
FEI T2FEI-Ilkovičova, blok T218