Oct 17, 2019   8:38 a.m. Hedviga
Academic information system

First log in to AIS instructions

Academic information system of the STU is accessible from any computer connected to the World Wide Web. The computers at all faculties meet this requirement. You may use modem to connect to the WWW from home. However, it is necessary to have a web browser installed, in any operating system (OS). You can use any browser, but our pages are primarily tested for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The list of other browsers suitable to use for registration to AIS, together with their brief description, recommended version and active links to their homepages, is available here.

Use the following link to first login to AIS: https://is.stuba.sk/auth/

If you are experiencing any troubles logging in to Academic information system or using it, you can write to electronic address ais@is.stuba.sk which is continuously watched by system integrators.

A range of services of Academic information system is only accessible after authentication of the user with his/her login and password. Each user of the system receives a card containing preliminary instructions, user's name (login) and the password.

If you have not received this information, please contact the system integrator. Students should receive this information at the beginning of their study at the Study department.

The login form also contains setting of the login validity period, which is a minimal period of inactivity after which you will be logged out from the system. Implicitly, this period is set to one day.

If after you have entered correct login and password the window with a login form pops up again, your browser prohibits saving cookies. Cookies allow unique identification of the user and permitting them in your browser is necessary for successful login. Browsers have cookies permitted implicitly. To check if your browser permits cookies, follow the procedure (select browser you use).

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

When logging in to Academic information system, your browser may ask about saving your password. We do not recommend saving your password in browser, especially if you are logging in from a computer shared by several users. Your password may be discriminated this way.

After login each user can change their password to the system; requirements for safe password are stored in the relevant application.

To increase the level of protection of any personal data, the security protocol SSL has been selected for communication with the system. SSL is a world-renowned standard for communication on the Internet. Even prominent Czech banks have been using this standard for the service called "homebanking". The SSL protocol operates on the principle of exchanging electronically signed certificates, mutually verified, between the server and your computer; therefore, no data can be inserted in this encoded data-flow. To make the work with certificates easier, the so-called "certification authorities" have been put in operation to facilitate a transparent and almost invisible check of this encoded channel. Thanks to this user-friendly and simplified procedure it only takes to set your browser so that it trusts your certificate authority which is STU Bratislava CA.

In the public part of Document server in the folder AIS documentation - "User's documentation" is prepared official documentation.