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Basic information

Type of work: Bachelor thesis
Topic: Pochopenie mechanizmu účinku nových antidepresívnych liekov
Title of topic in English: Understanding the mechanism of action of novel antidepressant drugs
State of topic: approved (prof. Ing. Marián Valko, DrSc. - Study programme supervisor)
Thesis supervisor: Mr.sc. Eliahu Dremencov, PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Supervising department: Institute of Biochemistry and Microbiology - FCFT
Max. no. of students: --
Academic year:2018/2019
Proposed by: Mr.sc. Eliahu Dremencov, PhD.
Summary: The aim of the project will be to learn about the mechanisms of action of the drugs with anxiolytic and antidepressant potential, such as pyridoindole derivatives and ligands of trace amine-associated receptor-1 (TAAR1). Student will learn how the new antidepressants are tested, starting with in silico prediction of their effectiveness and finishing in early in vivo testing in laboratory animals. The project will be primarily based on the supervised literature search. However, the student will also have an opportunity to participate in laboratory research and data analysis. The project will be performed in the Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics, Centre for Biosciences, Slovak Academy if Sciences.

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B-BBFFCH Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry for Pharmaceutical Applications

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