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Basic information

Type of work: Bachelor thesis
Topic: Automatic service scaling [EN]
Title of topic in English: Automatic service scaling
State of topic: approved (prof. Dr. Ing. Miloš Oravec - Study programme supervisor)
Thesis supervisor: doc. Ing. Michal Šrámka, PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Supervising department: Institute of Computer Science and Mathematics - FEEIT
Max. no. of students: 1
Academic year:2018/2019
Proposed by: doc. Ing. Michal Šrámka, PhD.
Summary: Applications can have different distribution of service requests. Handling spikes in load can be tackled with on-demand scaling-up and scaling-down based on network traffic, application requests, or schedulers/queues. Automatic service deployments for scaling is supported by cloud providers via load balancing, but the approach is possible also on local deployments. The aim of this thesis is to investigate options for automatic service scaling and automatic service deployments. Tasks: 1. Study methods and techniques for service scaling. 2. Analyze approaches for on-demand service deployment and starting. 3. Propose a method for a service to automatically adapt to different loads. 4. Implement, test, and evaluate the proposed method in cloud or a local settings.

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