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Summary of topics offered - Faculty of Civil Engineering

Basic information

Type of work: Bachelor thesis
Topic: BIM z pohľadu zhotoviteľa
Title of topic in English: Building Information Modeling from a Perspective of a Contractor
State of topic: approved (prof. Ing. Štefan Stanko, PhD. - Study programme supervisor)
Thesis supervisor: Ing. Tomáš Funtík, PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Supervising department: Department of Building Technology - FCE
Max. no. of students: 1
Academic year:2018/2019
Proposed by: Ing. Tomáš Funtík, PhD.
Summary: In today's world of constant progress and development of technology over time, market conditions are changing significantly. We are observing constant pressure to improve quality and reduce prices not only in construction. These challenges can be achieved with innovative approaches, improved systems, and last but not least, the use of latest technology and software. Within the planning and preparation of construction works the progress is represented BIM - Building Information Model or Modelin, whereby we are able to meet the challenges and expectations of investors. This approach completely changed view of the existing methods used and practices of construction firms in the segment. Conception contributes to more effective and systematic work, excluding the amount of error, respectively reduces discrepancies prior to execution phase.

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