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Basic information

Type of work: Dissertation thesis
Topic: Štúdium podmienok procesu vznietenia samovznietenia tepelnoizolačných materiálov
Title of topic in English: Study the process of selfignition and spontaneous ignition for thermal insulation products
State of topic: approved (prof. Ing. Karol Balog, PhD. - Chairperson of Departmental Board)
Thesis supervisor: prof. Ing. Karol Balog, PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava
Supervising department: Department of Safety Engineering - UIBE MTF
Max. no. of students: 1
Academic year:2019/2020
Proposed by: prof. Ing. Karol Balog, PhD.
Annotation: Cieľom dizertačnej práce je analýza kritických podmienok samovznietenia tepelnoizolačných materiálov v závislosti od vonkajších podmienok, znečistenia ich povrchu a od nízkoenergetických iniciačných zdrojov.
Annotation in English: The aim of the thesis is to determine the critical conditions of spontaneous ignition for thermal insulation products, depending on external conditions, the surface contamination and the low-energy ignition sources.

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