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Summary of topics offered - Department of Inorganic Chemistry (IICTM FCFT)

Basic information

Type of work: Dissertation thesis
Topic: Štruktúra a vlastnosti komplexov mangánu so Schiffovými bázami
Title of topic in English: Structure and properties of manganese complexes of Schiff bases
State of topic: approved (prof. Ing. Marian Koman, DrSc. - Chairperson of Departmental Board)
Thesis supervisor: doc. Ing. Ján Moncoľ, PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Supervising department: Department of Inorganic Chemistry - IICTM FCFT
Max. no. of students: --
Academic year:2019/2020
Proposed by: doc. Ing. Ján Moncoľ, PhD.
Annotation: Literárna reserš, analýza získaných výsledkov, výber objektov dizertačnej práce. Príprava vhodných Schiffových báz. Syntéza nových komplexov mangánu so Schiffovými bázami ako ligandami. Pripravené zlúčeniny sa budú charakterizovať spektrálnymi metódami, magnetochemicky, rtg. štruktúrnou analýzou a metódami kvantovej kryštalografie.
Annotation in English: The search in current literature, the analysis of obtained data, selecting targets and aims of thesis. The synthesis of Schiff bases as suitable ligands. The synthesis of new manganese complexes with Schiff base ligands. The prepared compounds will be charactezed by methods of spectroscopy, magnetochemistry, X-ray structural analysis and methods of quantum crystallography.

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