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Basic information

Type of work: Dissertation thesis
Topic: Robustné riadenie teplotného poľa ocele v procese kontinuálneho odlievania ako systému s rozloženými parametrami
Title of topic in English: Robust control of temperature field of steel in the continuous casting process as distributed parameter systems
State of topic: approved (prof. Ing. Miroslav Fikar, DrSc. - Chairperson of Departmental Board)
Thesis supervisor: prof. Ing. Cyril Belavý, CSc.
Faculty: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Supervising department: Institute of automation, measurement and applied informatics - FME
Max. no. of students: 1
Academic year:2019/2020
Proposed by: prof. Ing. Cyril Belavý, CSc.
Annotation: Modelovanie teplotných polí ocele ako systémov s rozloženými parametrami v sekundárnej zóne chladenia procesu plynulého odlievania. Špecifikácia neurčitostí modelovania a návrh robustného riadenia s využitím štruktúry obvodu s vnútorným modelom sústavy (IMC) pri zohľadnení priestorovej rozloženosti riadeného systému.
Annotation in English: Modelling of temperature fields of steel as distributed parameter systems in the secondary cooling zone of continuous casting process. Specification of uncertainties modelling and design of robust control based on internal model control (IMC) structure taking into account the spatial distribution of the controlled system.

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