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Summary of topics offered - Institute of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (FCFT)

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Ord.TypeTopicThesis supervisorSupervising departmentProgrammeIntended forDetailsOccupied/Max.Project participants
1.BTTransfer of pharmaceuticals and drugs from soil to agricultural plantsMackuľak, T.Department of Environmental Engineering (ICEE FCFT)B-CHEMATFCFTDetails of topic1 / 1 Brunčáková, L.
2.DTToxicity and degradation of cigarette butts and their impact on the environmentŠkulcová, A.Department of Environmental Engineering (ICEE FCFT)I-TOZPFCFTDetails of topic1 / 1 Drgoncová, K.
3.BTToxicity of selected chlorinated pesticides and their degradation productsDerco, J.Department of Environmental Engineering (ICEE FCFT)B-CHEMATFCFTDetails of topic0 / 1--
4.BTTreatment of zeolites for pharmaceuticals removal from wastewaterBodík, I.Department of Environmental Engineering (ICEE FCFT)B-CHEMATFCFTDetails of topic1 / 1 Hrancová, N.