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Ord.TypeTopicThesis supervisorSupervising departmentProgrammeTrackIntended forDetailsOccupied/Max.Project participants
1.BTNitrogen fixation on model biomimetic iron complexes: Theoretical studyMalček, M.Department of Physical Chemistry (IPC FCFT)B-BIOT--FCFTDetails of topic1 / -- Hlinčík, A.
2.BTNonsilicone electronic components constructionDvonka, V.Department of Graphic Arts Technology and Applied Photochemistry (IPM FCFT)B-CHEMAT--FCFTDetails of topic0 / 3--
3.BTNon-competitive inhibitors of P-glycoproetin and other ABC transportersElefantová, K.Institute of Biochemistry and Microbiology (FCFT)B-CHEMAT--FCFTDetails of topic0 / 1--
4.DTNonlinear Model Predictive Control of Rotary PendulumKlaučo, M.Department of Information Engineering and Process Control (IIEAM FCFT)I-AICHP--FCFTDetails of topic0 / 1--
5.BTNon-dairy probiotic productsGreifová, M.Department of Food Technology (IFSN FCFT)B-POVYKO--FCFTDetails of topic0 / 1--
6.BTNovel metal complexes with anticancer and antibacterial activity – study of the reactive oxygen species-mediated mechanism of actionBarbieriková, Z.Department of Physical Chemistry (IPC FCFT)B-BIOT--FCFTDetails of topic0 / 1--
7.DTNew possibilities of selected types of nanomaterials in water purification and their possible toxicityMackuľak, T.Department of Environmental Engineering (ICEE FCFT)I-TOZP--FCFTDetails of topic1 / 1 Suja, A.
8.BTNew Methods of Adipic Acid PreparationGašparovičová, D.Department of Organic Technology, Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry (IOCP FCFT)B-CHEMAT--FCFTDetails of topic0 / 1--
9.BTNutrigenomicsMikulajová, A.Department of Nutrition and Food Quality Assessment (IFSN FCFT)B-BIOT--FCFTDetails of topic0 / ----
10.BTNutrigenomicsMikulajová, A.Department of Nutrition and Food Quality Assessment (IFSN FCFT)B-BIOPOT--FCFTDetails of topic0 / ----
11.BTNatural substances and their derivatives of salty tasteGreif, G.Institute of Food Science and Nutrition (FCFT)B-POVYKO--FCFTDetails of topic0 / 1--
12.BTNitrification in wastewater with low alkalinityBodík, I.Department of Environmental Engineering (ICEE FCFT)B-CHI--FCFTDetails of topic0 / 1--
13.BTNutrition and eating habits of diabeticsKohajdová, Z.Institute of Food Science and Nutrition (FCFT)B-POVYKO--FCFTDetails of topic1 / 1 Sidóová, A.
14.BTNutritional and health benefits of carnosineSekretár, S.Institute of Food Science and Nutrition (FCFT)B-POVYKO--FCFTDetails of topic0 / 1--