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Summary of topics offered - Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology

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Ord.TypeTopicThesis supervisorSupervising departmentStudy programmeTrackIntended forDetailsOccupied/Max.Project participants
1.BTVector system construction for heterologous gene experssion in yeast Rhodosporidium toruloidesGajdoš, P.Institute of Biotechnology (FCFT)B-BIOPOTFCFTDetails of topic1 / -- Jeleňová, G.
2.BTVolume properties of fluoride melts based on lanthanides.Mlynáriková, J.Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Technology and Materials (FCFT)B-CHEMATFCFTDetails of topic0 / 1--
3.BTVolume changes of chosen PCMsDanielik, V.Department of Inorganic Technology (IICTM FCFT)B-CHEMATFCFTDetails of topic1 / 1 Belešová, K.
4.DTValidation of a method to quantify mycotoxins by HPLCAntošová, M.Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (ICEE FCFT)I-CHEIFCFTDetails of topic1 / -- Marková, E.
5.BTVolumetry study of rat hippocampus in the animal model during early stages of neurodegeneration by magnetic resonance imaging, MRIKašparová, S.Centrálne laboratóriá FCHPT (FCFT)B-CHEMATFCFTDetails of topic1 / 1 Maková, M.