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Summary of topics offered - Faculty of Architecture

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Ord.TypeTopicThesis supervisorSupervising departmentStudy programmeTrackIntended forDetailsOccupied/Max.Project participants
1.DTNew builging on Župné Square and Revitalisation of Michael´s Moat in BratislavaPauliny, P.Institute of History and Theory of Architecture and Monument Preservation (FA)I-ARCHFADetails of topic1 / 1 Uličiansky, T.
2.DTNew identity of Zemplínska Šírava - selected aspectsPaňák, P.Dean's Office (FA)I-ARCHFADetails of topic1 / 1 Janičová, M.
3.DTNew central railway station, BratislacaBátor, J.Institute of Public Buildings (FA)I-ARCHFADetails of topic1 / 1 Jurášková, P.
4.DTNová Maša - Ferdinand´s ironwork, urban-architectural study of the revitalization of the former metallurgical complexKráľová, E.Institute of History and Theory of Architecture and Monument Preservation (FA)I-ARCHFADetails of topic1 / 1 Aschenbrierová, V.
5.DisTNew models and strategies of rental housingBacová, A.The Institute of Architecture of Residential Buildings (FA)D-ARCHFADetails of topic0 / 2--
6.DisTNew production techniques and their impact on architectural design under extreme conditionsŠimkovič, V.Institute of Public Buildings (FA)D-AextFADetails of topic0 / 1--
7.BTNTRL cosmetics - New brand development strategy and packaging designLipková, M.Institute of Design (FA)B-DFADetails of topic1 / 1 Krajčovičová, K.