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Summary of topics offered - Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava

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Ord.TypeTopicThesis supervisorSupervising departmentProgrammeTrackIntended forDetailsOccupied/Max.Project participants
1.DTWireless sensorĎuďák, J.Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in TrnavaI-AIPP--MTFDetails of topic1 / 1 Dobrovodský, J.
2.BTWelding parameters monitoring systems of arc welding methodsMarônek, M.Institute of Production Technologies (MTF)B-VTE--MTFDetails of topic1 / 1 Gracik, T.
3.BTWelding and brazing of stainless steels to copper in practiceHodúlová, E.Institute of Production Technologies (MTF)B-VTE--MTFDetails of topic0 / 1--
4.BTWeb application for sharing things and services.Križanová, G.Institute of Applied Informatics, Automation and Mechatronics (MTF)B-AIA--MTFDetails of topic1 / 1 Pavelka, J.
5.DTWelding of transit gas pipelinesKovačócy, P.Institute of Production Technologies (MTF)I-ZASM--MTFDetails of topic1 / 1 Boroš, J.