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A Euro-Asia partnership for development human resource capacity of engineering education in Afghanistan. (147-063)20082011Asia Link ProgrammeJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
A hybrid system for the production of 2-phenylethanol, comprising a bioreactor, membrane separation and adsorption column20162016Mladý výskumníkI. ČerveňanskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
A laboratory for testing construction materials for Herat University. (ACU/2005/04/AF/02)20052007Slovenská rozvojová spolupráca ODA, Slovak AidJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
A new extractive methods for recovery of organic acids from biotechnological and waste solutions. (SK-BG-0042-08)20092010Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - BulharskoŠ. SchlosserDCBE ICEE FCFT
Adsorption processes in biotechnological production of proteins, oligosaccharides and aromatic alcohols. (1/0531/13)20132015VEGAM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Advanced Interactive Materials by Design. (NMP3-CT-2004-500160)200420096. rámcový programM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Afinitné mikročastice, nanočastice a micely a ich použitie na uskutočnenie separácií a reakcií v sústavách s membránami. (1/0876/08)20082010VEGAŠ. SchlosserDCBE ICEE FCFT
Anaerobic biogas production and sludge water treatment from biomass with a high content of nitrogen and sulphur (1/0772/16)20162019VEGAM. HutňanDEE ICEE FCFT
Application of membrane bioreactors for industrial wastewater treatment. (1/0589/12)20122014VEGAI. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Application of membrane reactors for industrial wastewater treatment in Duslo Šaľa. (APVV-0144-07)20082009APVV - Všeobecná výzvaI. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water and Its Ecotoxic Effect on Activity of Activated Sludge Microorganisms20192019Mladý výskumníkR. ZakharDEE ICEE FCFT
Automated Model-based HAZOP system for Process Hazard Analysis (1/0659/18)20182020VEGAJ. MarkošDCBE ICEE FCFT
Autonomous smart HAZOP analysis20172017Mladý výskumníkJ. JanošovskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Biocatalytic production of natural aroms in hybrid systems. (APVV-0656-11)20122015APVV - Všeobecná výzvaJ. MarkošDCBE ICEE FCFT
Biogas production from biodegradable organic wastes. (LPP-0019-09)20092013APVV - Program LPPI. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Biologické čistenie odpadových vôd a biologické spracovanie čistiarenských kalov a organických materiálov. (042 CZE)20042005Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - ČeskoM. DrtilDEE ICEE FCFT
Bioreactor for Innovative Mass Bacteria Culture (E! 2497)20012003EUREKAM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Biorozložiteľnosť odpadovej vody s farbou (29027)20092009-- Iný domáci --I. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Biorozložiteľnosť odpadovej vody s farbou (29050)20092009-- Iný domáci --I. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Capacity Building in Higher Education Sector of Afghanistan (SAMRS/2018/AFG/1/1)20182021Slovenská rozvojová spolupráca ODA, Slovak AidJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
Catalytic Reduction of Tar from Thermochemical Decomposition of Biomass. (1/0757/13)20132016VEGAĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Catalytic transformation of tars from gasification of natural (biomass) and synthetic (waste) polymers (1/0796/10)20102011VEGAĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Centre of Excellence of Integrated Flood Protection of Territory. (ITMS 26240120004)20092011OP VaVM. DrtilDEE ICEE FCFT
Combined processes for removal of selected micropollutants20192019Mladý výskumníkO. ČižmárováDEE ICEE FCFT
Competence center for new materials, advanced technologies and energy. (ITMS: 26240220073)20112015OP VaVĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Completion of National Center for Research and Application of Renewable Energy Sources. (ITMS:26240120028)20102012OP VaVĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Complex exploitation of fusel oil for the development of high added value compounds (APVV-17-0109)20182022APVV - Všeobecná výzvaG. ČíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Degradation of selected harmful compounds by ozonation. (SK-SI-0019-10)20112012Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - SlovinskoJ. DercoDEE ICEE FCFT
Degradation of selected specific synthetic organic compounds from water by ozone based processes. (1/0859/14)20142017VEGAJ. DercoDEE ICEE FCFT
Denitrification in reactors with anoxic granulated biomass. (APVV-0417-07)20082011APVV - Všeobecná výzvaM. DrtilDEE ICEE FCFT
Design, simulation and optimization of hybrid reactive - separation systems for biocatalytic production of natural compounds (APVV-16-0111)20172021APVV - Všeobecná výzvaJ. MarkošDCBE ICEE FCFT
Development of human resource capacity of Kabul Polytechnic University. (SAMRS/2009/09/02)20102012Slovenská rozvojová spolupráca ODA, Slovak AidJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
Do pharmaceuticals penetrate from sewage sludge into groundwater?20182018Mladý výskumníkP. SzabováDEE ICEE FCFT
Dvojreaktorový membránový hybridný systém.20142014-- Iný domáci --M. MihaľDCBE ICEE FCFT
Elaboration of the ternary correction parameters database for calculation of the components activity coefficients in the liquid-phase and its application in simulations of multiphase multicomponent mixture separation (1/0553/10)20102011VEGAE. GraczováDCBE ICEE FCFT
Enhacement of the stability of lipase enzymes in aionic liquids. (č. 11)20052006Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - MaďarskoM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Equilibrium and kinetics of adsorption of proteins on ion-exchange chromatographic membranes with grafted polymer layer. (LPP-0258-09)20092013APVV - Program LPPM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Establishment of a Slovak centre of excellence for utilization of renewable energy sources. (SK0023)20082011Finančný mechanizmus EHP a Nórsky finančný mechanizmusI. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Establishment of an experimental pilot unit oriented on the biotechnological production of speciality chemicals. (ITMS 26240220057)20102013OP VaVM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Establishment of Competence centre for research and development in the field of molecular medicine. (ITMS 26240220071)20112015OP VaVJ. ŠajbidorDBT IBT FCFT
Eurocompetencies Transfer in Vocational Guidance for Young Specialists in Bioscience Field. (RO/00/B/F/PP 141028)20002004Leonardo da VinciV. BálešDCBE ICEE FCFT
Eurocompetencies transfer in vocational guidance for young specialists in bioscience fields. (RO/00/B/F/PP 141028/dodatok)20052005Leonardo da VinciV. BálešDCBE ICEE FCFT
Exerimental study of gamma-decalactone production by microbial biotransformation. (APVT-99-019604)20052007APVVV. ŠtefucaDCBE ICEE FCFT
Experimental and mathematical modeling of hybrid system integrating bioreactor with membrane separation and adsorption (1/0687/16)20162019VEGAM. MihaľDCBE ICEE FCFT
Expert system for automated hazard identification in process industries (1/0749/15)20152017VEGAJ. LabovskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Fotoredukcia skleníkového typu - CO2 modifikovanými zeolitmi20152015Mladý výskumníkJ. JokrllováDEE ICEE FCFT
Functional hybrid materials for extractive separations of biorefinery products. (1/0757/14)20142016VEGAJ. MartákDCBE ICEE FCFT
Genetically engineered microorganisms as whole-cell catalysts of enantioselective biooxidations performing by novel immobilization biotechnologies. (APVV-51-033205)20062009APVVV. ŠtefucaDCBE ICEE FCFT
Hazardous pollutants in urban and industrial water cycle. (042)20072008-- Iný medzinárodný --M. DrtilDEE ICEE FCFT
Hospitals and music festivals as point sources of micropollutants in surface water and effective options for their removal20192021Excelentné tímy mladých výskumníkovM. CzölderováDEE ICEE FCFT
Hybrid processes for production of organic acids and their esters. (SK-MAD-014-06)20072008Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - MaďarskoŠ. SchlosserDCBE ICEE FCFT
Hybrid systems with membranes and solvents based on ionic liquids. (1/2468/05)20052007VEGAŠ. SchlosserDCBE ICEE FCFT
Characterization of waste tire pyrolysis products. (1/4446/07)20072009VEGAJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
Charakterization of a natural mineral based catalyst from Afganistan. (5A40 AFRC)20122014-- Iný medzinárodný --J. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
Chemoenzymatic synthesis of substances with pharmaceutical potential: Optimization of processes of phenylethanoid glycosides production (APVV-18-0188)20192023APVV - Všeobecná výzvaM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Chromatographic separation of fructooligosaccharides. (LPP-0234-06)20062009APVVM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Identification of drugs and pharmaceuticals in wastewater and possibilities for their removal on WWTP. (APVV-0122-12)20132017APVV - Všeobecná výzvaI. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Identifikácia výtlačkov laserových tlačiarní pre potreby kriminalisticko-technických analýz20152015Mladý výskumníkM. BelovičováDCBE ICEE FCFT
Immobilized recombinant microorganisms for the biotechnological production of chemical specialties using biocatalytic cascade reactions (APVV-15-0227)20162020APVV - Všeobecná výzvaM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Improve safety of chemical processes using virtual dynamic simulators. (1/4447/07)20072009VEGAĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Improving teaching effectiveness in chemical engineering education. (539959-LLP-1-2013-1-UK-ERASMUS-EQR)20132017ErasmusM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Imrovement of thermodynamic description of multicomponent vapour-liquid and liquid-liquid-vapour equilibrium systems for design of separation columns. (APVV-0353-06)20072009APVVE. GraczováDCBE ICEE FCFT
Industrial research focused to material evaluation of liquid wastes mainly from automotive industry. (ITMS 26220220074)20112015OP VaVP. TimárDCBE ICEE FCFT
Influence of operational parameters of refuse derived fuel gasification on synthesis gas composition20182018Mladý výskumníkP. ŠuhajDCBE ICEE FCFT
Integrated reaction systems for biocatalytic reduction of prochiral carbonyl compounds. (APVV-0518-07)20082011APVV - Všeobecná výzvaJ. MarkošDCBE ICEE FCFT
Integrated reaction-separation systems with membranes, mechanism and modelling of mass transport and interactions in them. (1/9136/02)20022004VEGAŠ. SchlosserDCBE ICEE FCFT
Integrated system for safety assessment and loss prevention. (1/8112/01)20012003VEGAĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Intelligent systems for hazard identification of complex process plants (APVV-14-0317)20152019APVV - Všeobecná výzvaĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Intensification of biotechnological production of natural aromas with the use of nonporous membranes20172017Mladý výskumníkI. ČerveňanskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Intensification of processes for separation of bioproducts using composite affinity agents based on ionic liquids and nanoparticles (1/0888/17)20172019VEGAM. BlahušiakDCBE ICEE FCFT
Inžinierske aspekty chromatografickej separácie proteínov a sacharidov. (1/3565/06)20062008VEGAM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Izolácia a výskum vlastností bioaktívnych látok amarantu a ich aplikácia v humánnej výžive. (ČÚ 14b)20032003Štátny programV. ŠtefucaDCBE ICEE FCFT
Kinetic study of biomass gasification to process gas. (LPP-0230-07)20082012APVV - Program LPPĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Kinetické a transportné javy v enzýmových technológiách. (1/0065/03)20032005VEGAM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Mathematical and experimental modeling of hybrid reaction-separation systems for biochemical production of chemical specialities (1/0526/10)20102011VEGAJ. MarkošDCBE ICEE FCFT
Mathematical modeling of dispersion hazardous materials in atmosphere by CFD approach. (APVV ? 0492-06)20072009APVVĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Mécanisme d'adsorption sur les surfaces hétérogénes. Applications aux problémes environnementaux. (30 FRN)20042005Slovensko/FrancúzkoM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Mechanisms and kinetics of enzymes inactivation. (1/3582/06)20062008VEGAV. ŠtefucaDCBE ICEE FCFT
Mechanizmus horenia častice uhlia v prostredí s nízkou koncentráciou kyslíka. (1/0064/03)20032005VEGAJ. MarkošDCBE ICEE FCFT
Methodology for evaluation of biotreatability improvement of heavily polluted wastewaters after chemical treatment. (SK-SI-01506)20062007Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - SlovinskoJ. DercoDEE ICEE FCFT
Microplastics - risk for environment on Slovak Republic20192019Mladý výskumníkN. BelišováDEE ICEE FCFT
Microplastics and their efficient removal by progressive methods20182018Mladý výskumníkA. GrenčíkováDEE ICEE FCFT
Microplastics in waters of Slovakia - monitoring and possibilities of use innovative processes for their removal20192021Excelentné tímy mladých výskumníkovA. GrenčíkováDEE ICEE FCFT
Micropollutants and resistant bacterial strains monitoring and possibilities of use innovative processes for their removal – nanomaterials and ferrates20172019Excelentné tímy mladých výskumníkovJ. TichýDEE ICEE FCFT
Modeling, hydrodynamics and mass transfer in airlift bioreactor. (1/3573/06)20062008VEGAJ. MarkošDCBE ICEE FCFT
Modeling of hybrid systems airlift bioreactor -- membrane separation. (1/0866/12)20122015VEGAJ. MarkošDCBE ICEE FCFT
Modeling, simulation and safety analysis of reactive distillation units in chemical industry. (APVT-20-000804)20052007APVVJ. MarkošDCBE ICEE FCFT
Modelling and scale-up of membrane chromatography for separation of proteins. (1/0655/09)20092011VEGAM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Modelling of membrane reactors. (APVV-0355-07)20082011APVV - Všeobecná výzvaZ. LabovskáDCBE ICEE FCFT
Modelovanie separácie škodlivín z tekutých zmesí. (1/0063/03)20032005VEGAD. BobokDCBE ICEE FCFT
Monitoring of pharmaceutical fates from sewage sludge into soil, plants and underground water (APVV-17-0119)20182022APVV - Všeobecná výzvaI. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Multilevel Intensification of Chemical Processes and Industrial Clusters (APVV-18-0134)20192023APVV - Všeobecná výzvaZ. LabovskáDCBE ICEE FCFT
Multimodal adsorption interactions in biotechnological separations (1/0573/17)20172020VEGAM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Nanomaterials - innovative process for removing micropollutants from water20172017Mladý výskumníkP. BrandeburováDEE ICEE FCFT
Nanosegregated affinity agents for hybrid fermatation-separation processes (APVV-15-0494)20162020APVV - Všeobecná výzvaŠ. SchlosserDCBE ICEE FCFT
National Center for Research and Application of Renewable Energy Sources. (ITMS:26240120016)20092011OP VaVĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Návrh a optimalizácia prebublávaných kolónových reaktorov. (1/0066/03)20032005VEGAV. BálešDCBE ICEE FCFT
Netradičné bioprocesy a bioreaktory. (038/011)20022003Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - ČeskoV. BálešDCBE ICEE FCFT
New affinity agents and their application in separation and hybrid processes. (1/1184/11)20112013VEGAŠ. SchlosserDCBE ICEE FCFT
Norwegian competence transfer into new curricula of environmental engineering education at the Slovak University of Technology (No 2032040)20032005Bilaterálna spoluprácaV. BálešDCBE ICEE FCFT
Novel stabilized and structurally ordered optically and photoelectrically active organic materials (V1/0501/15)20152018VEGAG. ČíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Occurrence of the most widely used antibiotics in effluents in Bratislava and their likely way of degradation20162016Mladý výskumníkJ. TichýDEE ICEE FCFT
Odborné sledovanie prevádzky membrány ČOV v PP Lozorno (29034)20092009-- Iný domáci --I. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Odstránenie prioritných polutantov životného prostredia z vôd novými oxidačnými metódami20152015Mladý výskumníkL. HrdličkaDEE ICEE FCFT
Ohmic heating for food processing. (COOP-CT-2003-508374)200420066. rámcový programM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Optimization of recarbonization process in fluidized bed reactor20182018Mladý výskumníkM. VrabeľDEE ICEE FCFT
Parallel computing application in hazard identification of chemical processes20182018Mladý výskumníkM. DankoDCBE ICEE FCFT
Parallel programming application to hazard identification in chemical industry20192019Mladý výskumníkM. DankoDCBE ICEE FCFT
Possibilities of removal and management of nutrients from wastewater20182018Mladý výskumníkS. KecskésováDEE ICEE FCFT
Postgraduate School of Industrial Ecology. (MSCF-CT-2005-029529)20062009Marie Curie Actions - Human resources and mobilityG. ČíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Preparation of erythroprotein, a therapeutic hormone affecting the production of red blood cells by expression in eukaryotic cell system and its further purification (APVV-14-0474)20152019APVV - Všeobecná výzvaM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Preparation of cheap material based catalysts for tar decomposition20182018Mladý výskumníkJ. HusárDCBE ICEE FCFT
Príprava chemického povlaku na povrchu sklených vlákien. (APVV-0491-07)20082010APVVG. ČíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Process design of extraction/distillation-based separation of azeotropic mixtures and simulation of solvent regeneration. (APVV-0858-12)20132017APVV - Všeobecná výzvaE. GraczováDCBE ICEE FCFT
Process development for biotechnological production of fructooligosaccharides. (APVT-20-025704)20052007APVVM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Process development for the microbial production of the bulk chemical 1,3-propanediol from glycerol as a waste water effluent. (QLK5-CT-2002-01343)200320065. rámcový programV. ŠtefucaDCBE ICEE FCFT
Process Industries Safety Management Thematic Network on Human Factors. (G1RT-CT-2001-05029)200220045. rámcový programĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Progressive methods of water, wastewater, sludge and organic waste treatment. (1/1382/04)20042006VEGAJ. DercoDEE ICEE FCFT
Projekt dobudovania laboratórií bezpečnostného a bioprocesorového inžinierstva na Oddelení chemického a biochemického inžinierstva. (VV_RP_UP4)20062006-- Iný domáci --M. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Quantitative fram work for safety analysis of chemical reactors. (1/1377/04)20042006VEGAĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Regeneration of ionic liquids used in separation processes (APVV-18-0232)20192023APVV - Všeobecná výzvaE. GraczováDCBE ICEE FCFT
Remediačné postupy PCB. (148/2003/6.2)20032004-- Iný domáci --G. ČíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Removal and recycling of phosphorus from wastewater20192019Mladý výskumníkB. KožárováDEE ICEE FCFT
Removal of selected specific synthetic compounds from water with processes based on ozone utilisation. (APVV-0656-12)20132017APVV - Všeobecná výzvaJ. DercoDEE ICEE FCFT
Research of boron doped diamond films for highly effective removal of pharmaceuticals, drugs and resistant types of microorganisms from waters (APVV-16-0124(2))20172020APVV - Všeobecná výzvaT. MackuľakDEE ICEE FCFT
Science a research - driving force of prosperity. (LPP-0175-06)20072009APVVV. BálešDCBE ICEE FCFT
Seminár Produkcia bioplynu, pyrolýza a splynovanie - efektívny spôsob zhodnotenia biomasy (29053)20092009-- Iný domáci --M. HutňanDEE ICEE FCFT
Sewage biomarker analysis for community health assessment. (Action ES1307)20142018COSTI. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT
Specification of prediction of multi-component vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibria for the purpose of separation of liquids by distillation, extraction and extractive distillation. (1/3581/06)20062008VEGAE. GraczováDCBE ICEE FCFT
Stanovenie teplotných vodivostí penových polystyrénov (29047)20092009-- Iný domáci --J. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
Study and application of advanced oxidation system “metal aluminum – acid”20162016Mladý výskumníkL. HrdličkaDEE ICEE FCFT
Study of charge transfer in ordered organic molecular systems (1/0879/11)20112013VEGAJ. CirákKF FEEIT
Study of the adsorption-membrane filtration (Amf) hybrid process for removal of boron from seawater. (04-AS-004)20052008-- Iný medzinárodný --Š. SchlosserDCBE ICEE FCFT
Study of 2-phenylethanol formation in the integrated system of continuous product separation (APVV-99-004405)20062008APVVV. BálešDCBE ICEE FCFT
Support of renewable energy education at Kabul University (SAMRS/2019/AFG/1/1)20192020Slovenská rozvojová spolupráca ODA, Slovak AidJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
Synthesis of polycrystalline indium phosphide InP and its characterisation. (APVT-99-018602)20032009APVVJ. StopkaDCBE ICEE FCFT
Štúdia o úspore energie (29040)20092009-- Iný domáci --Ľ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Technológie na znižovanie koncentrácie PCB. (161/2003/6.2)20032004-- Iný domáci --G. ČíkDEE ICEE FCFT
The effects of antioxidants and substances affecting imunity system studied in vivo on model of adjuvant arthritis. (2/5051/25)20052007VEGAV. KoprdaDEE ICEE FCFT
The laboratories of Food Microbiology and Chemical Engineering for Kabul Polytechnic University. (SAMRS/2011/01/02)20122013Slovenská rozvojová spolupráca ODA, Slovak AidJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
The laboratory of basic bioprocesses for food analysis at the Herat University. (SAMRS/2014/AFG/01/01)20142016Slovenská rozvojová spolupráca ODA, Slovak AidJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
The laboratory of Food and Water Analysis for the Kabul Polytechnic University (SAMRS/2016/AFG/1/1)20162018Slovenská rozvojová spolupráca ODA, Slovak AidJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
The Laboratory of General Chemical and Food Technology and curriculums for "inorganic technology" and "metallurgy" departments of Kabul Polytechnic University. (SAMRS/2013/AFG/01/04)20132015Slovenská rozvojová spolupráca ODA, Slovak AidJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
The study of separation and isolation of metals and radionuclides from envinmental components by natural and chemically modified sorbents. (1/1381/04)20042006VEGAV. KoprdaDEE ICEE FCFT
Thermal stability of cellulases (SK-HU-2013-0008)20152016APVV - Bilaterálna spolupráca M. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Top team of biotechnological separations20152020-- Iný domáci --M. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Transport and kinetic phenomena in membrane chromatography. (LPP-0221-07)20082012APVV - Program LPPM. PolakovičDCBE ICEE FCFT
Two-stage gasification of mixed solid waste with catalytic tar removal (APVV-15-0148)20162020APVV - Všeobecná výzvaJ. HaydaryDCBE ICEE FCFT
Účinok antioxidantov a látok ovplyvňujúcich imunitný systém študovaný na zvieracích modeloch reumatoidnej artritídy a osteoartrózy. (2/2049/22)20022004VEGAV. KoprdaDEE ICEE FCFT
Use of granulated biomass in biological processes of nitrogen removal from wastewater. (1/0818/12)20122014VEGAM. DrtilDEE ICEE FCFT
Virtual reality and human factors applications for improving safety. (NMP2-CT-2005-515831)200520096. rámcový programĽ. JelemenskýDCBE ICEE FCFT
Výskyt liečiv, drog a rezistentných typov bektérií v odpadových vodách zo zdravotníckych zariadení na Slovensku a ich možné odstránenie pomocou progresívnych procesov20152016Excelentné tímy mladých výskumníkovT. MackuľakDEE ICEE FCFT
Využitie membránových a oxidačných procesov pri úprave vody a čistení odpadových vôd. (103 CZE)20042005Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - ČeskoJ. DercoDEE ICEE FCFT
Využitie procesov rekarbonizácie pri zabezpečení kvality pitnej vody.20142014-- Iný domáci --A. VajíčekováICEE FCFT
Využitie progresívnych oxidačných postupov na rozklad prioritných, nebezpečných a rezistentných látok a minimalizáciu produkcie prebytočného kalu. (1/0866/08)20082010VEGAJ. DercoDEE ICEE FCFT
Využitie vedľajších produktov výroby bionafty s cieľom produkcie bioplynu a odstraňovania nutrientov z odpadových vôd. (1/0145/08)20082010VEGAM. HutňanDEE ICEE FCFT
Využitie zmesi enzýmov na čistenie rizikových priesakových vôd.20122013-- Iný domáci --T. MackuľakDEE ICEE FCFT
Wastewater treatment in rural areas with application of biomass as renewable energy source. (VMSP-P-0101-09)20092011APVV - Program VMSPI. BodíkDEE ICEE FCFT

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