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An European flood forecasting system EFFS (EVG1-CT-1999-00011)200220045. rámcový programJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Analysis, generation and of hydrometeorological time series:nonstationary, heteroskedastic and nonlinear models. (1/2032/05)20052007VEGAJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Analýza sucha viackriteriálnymi metódami štatistiky a data miningu z pohľadu návrhu adaptačných opatrení v krajine (APVV-15-0489)20162020APVV - Všeobecná výzvaM. ČistýKVHK FCE
Baltic University Programme (mobility)20032020Baltic University ProgrammeS. KohnováKVHK FCE
Better precision of processes and creation of new modules in hydrological modelling (LPP - 0254-07)20082011APVV - Program LPPK. HlavčováKVHK FCE
BEZ NÁZVU (SP HO 18)20002003SK - ATJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Climate Change Manipulation Experiments in Terrestrial Ecosystems - Networking and Outreach (ClimMani) (Action ES1308)20142018COSTS. KohnováKVHK FCE
Climate variability and land cover change impact on high and low flows (IHP-IV Project 23.1 Extreme events )20052009-- Iný medzinárodný --J. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Climatic and hydrological extremes analysis using data mining methods and other hydroinformatic tools in terms of adaptation structures in the landscape (1/0665/15)20152018VEGAM. ČistýKVHK FCE
Combined deterministic- stochastic modeling framework for hydrological forecasting (1/0496/08)20082010VEGAJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Comparative analysis of natural and anthropogenic variability of hydrometeorologic series (2/0096/08)20082010VEGAK. HlavčováKVHK FCE
Conservation, restoration and wise use of rich fens in the Slovak republic (SLO/03/G35/A/1G/72)20052010-- Iný medzinárodný --J. SkalováKVHK FCE
Detekcia a modelovanie zmien v hydrometeorologických časových radoch v podmienkach klimatickej zmeny (1/0891/17)20172020VEGAK. HlavčováKVHK FCE
Development of a method for assessment the ecological potential of (APVV-16-0253)20172021APVV - Všeobecná výzvaA. ŠkrinárKVHK FCE
Development of a regional system of climate and rainfall runoff models for the prediction of runoff under changed climate in the mountainous regions of Slovakia (APVV-0303-11)20122015APVV - Všeobecná výzvaK. HlavčováKVHK FCE
ETNET 21 Dissemination project in ONE Virtual Teaching and Training Community (ETNET 21)20002005SocratesS. KohnováKVHK FCE
European procedures for flood frequency estimation (ESSEM Action ES0901)20092013COSTJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Evolutionary algorithms and data driven methods in water management of landscape (1/1044/11)20112014VEGAM. ČistýKVHK FCE
Generalization of parametres of bioindication in modelling of the quality of aquatic habitat in mountain and submountain streams in Slovakia (AV_2009)20092011VTPV. MacuraKVHK FCE
Geographically oriented distributed runoff model (APVV-0378-07)20082010APVVJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Heuristic models for optimizationof water management intervention in a landscape (LPP-0319-09)20092012APVV - Program LPPM. ČistýKVHK FCE
Hybrid flow forecasting models (APVV-0443-07)20082011APVVJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Hybrid methods for the modeling and evaluation of hydrological extremes for risk analysis. (1/0908/11 )20112013VEGAK. HlavčováKVHK FCE
HYDRATE - Hydrometeorological data resources and technologies for effective flash flood forecasting (N° 037024)20062010Sustainable development, global change and ecosystemsJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
HYDRATE - Hydrometeorological data resources and technologies for effective flash flood forecasting: (6RP/037024)20062008MVTSJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Hydrogeological drought and its influence on usable groundwater amounts (APVV-0335-06)20072009APVVV. MacuraKVHK FCE
Hydrological regionalisation - Towards a coherent framework (P 18993)20062009-- Iný medzinárodný --J. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Hydrological regionalization - Towards a coherent framework (Rak/SR/STU2/07)20072008MVTSJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Hydrophysical characteristics regionalization of Slovak soils. (APVT-51-019804)20052007APVVJ. SkalováKVHK FCE
Characteristics of quality of the aquatic zone of the flysch mountain streams by bioindication (1/0585/08)20082010VEGAV. MacuraKVHK FCE
IAHS/UNESCO/WMO World Catalogue of Maximum Observed Floods (edition 2003)20032003-- Iný medzinárodný --J. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Identification of changes in the hydrological regime of rivers in the Danube basin (APVV-0015-10)20112014APVV - Všeobecná výzvaS. KohnováKVHK FCE
Impact of natural hazards on forest ecosystems in Slovakia under conditions of future climate (APVV-15-0425)20162019APVV - Všeobecná výzvaJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Influence of biotic and abiotic characteristics of the stream on ecosystem and water regime of soils (1/0243/11)20112014VEGAV. MacuraKVHK FCE
Komparatívna analýza koncepcií regionálneho odhadu návrhových maximálnych prietokov (1/8250/01)20012003VEGAJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Modeling of the local and spatial dependence of multivariate characteristics of the hydrological and hydrometeorological extremes. (1/0103/10)20102011VEGAS. KohnováKVHK FCE
Modeling of the local and spatial properties of multivariate hydrometeorological extremes under nonstationarity (1/0776/13)20132016VEGAJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Mountain floods ? regional joint probability estimation of extreme events (IHWRE2008)20082011-- Iný medzinárodný --J. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Multivariate frequency analysis of hydrological extremes for water resources planning and design (APVV-0496-10)20112014APVV - Všeobecná výzvaJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Ochrana revitalizáciou: Stratégia a management riečneho systému dolnej Moravy (PVT-27-018102)20022005APVVJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Optimalizácia vodného režimu krajiny ako súčasť jej revitalizácie (1/9364/02)20022004VEGAE. KlementováKVHK FCE
Parameterization of rainfall-runoff processes for extreme flow modelling in small catchments (1/0710/15)20152018VEGAS. KohnováKVHK FCE
Parametrizácia procesov tvorby extrémneho odtoku v povodiach SR v podmienkach nestacionarity hydrologického systému (2/2016/22)20022004VEGAK. HlavčováKVHK FCE
Peventing and remediating degradation of soils in Europe through land care (FP7-603498-2)20132018-- Iný medzinárodný --J. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Povodne - identifikácia regionálnej variability povodňového rizika a odhad N-ročných prietokov (2/3085/23)20032005VEGAS. KohnováKVHK FCE
Prognosis of the impact of climate and morphological change on the ecosystem of mountain river basins using soft-computing techniques (1/0625/15)20152018VEGAV. MacuraKVHK FCE
Prognosis of the land use change impact on stream water quantity and quality for the water management planning (APVT-51-017804)20052007APVVK. HlavčováKVHK FCE
Rainfall-runoff modelling for water resources planning (Maď/Slov/TO29749/1)20012002Bilaterálna spoluprácaK. HlavčováKVHK FCE
REBECCA Relationsships between ecological and chemical status of surface water (SSPI-CT-2003-502158)200320066. rámcový programJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Regionalization of quality of the aquatic part of streams (AV 4/011/06)20062008VTPV. MacuraKVHK FCE
Scaling relationtionship for floods (SP HO 18SP HO 18)20002005Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - RakúskoJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Scenáre zmien vybraných zložiek hydrosféry a biosféry v SR v dôsledku klimatickej zmeny (APVT-51-006502)20022005APVVJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Scenarios of the extreme hydrological events for the integrated management of Slovak rivers. (2/5056/25)20052007VEGAK. HlavčováKVHK FCE
Sensitivity of flood generation to intensive precipitation and landuse in headwater catchments (APVV-15-0497)20162020APVV - Všeobecná výzvaJ. SzolgayKVHK FCE
Soil water storage diagnosis and prognosis with aspect to optimal supply of vegetation by water (APVV-0271-07)20082010APVVJ. SkalováKVHK FCE
Spatial interpretation of soil hydrophysical characteristics in relation to their hydrological regime (APW-0139-10)20112014APVV - Všeobecná výzvaJ. SkalováKVHK FCE
Stratégia revitalizácie tokov a stanovenie hydroekologických limitov (114/VTPC/2000)20002003VTPV. MacuraKVHK FCE
Stratégia revitalizácie tokov a stnovenie hydroekologických limitov (a114/VTP/2000)20002004VTPV. MacuraKVHK FCE
Study of dependence and spatial properties of multivariate characteristics of hydrometeorological and hydrological extremes in the mountainous regions of Slovakia (1/4024/07)20072009VEGAS. KohnováKVHK FCE
Vplyv technických prác na akvatickú oblasť toku a zásady stanovenia hydroekologických limitov (1/9363/02)20022004VEGAV. MacuraKVHK FCE
Vývoj plaveninového režimu na tokoch Malých Karpát v extrémnych situáciách (1/9157/02)20022004VEGAV. MosnýKVHK FCE
Water Management and Landscape-Ecological Evaluation of Water Bodies (1/2141/05)20052007VEGAV. MacuraKVHK FCE
Water-saving irrigation technology from the point of view of water protection against nitrate pollution coming from agricultural production (APVT-99-033204)20052007APVVE. KlementováKVHK FCE

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