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Aggregate and Concrete Production (GIRT-CT-2002-05085)200220075. rámcový programA. BajzaKMTI FCE
Aplication of admixtures based on zeolites and bentonites for modifying of pore structure of the roofing tile (1/0517/11)20112013VEGAM. ŠvedaKMTI FCE
Correlation relations between the properties of autoclaved aerated concrete and its use in the process of quality (1/0472/11)20112013VEGAS. UnčíkKMTI FCE
Degradation of alkali-resistant glass fibre reinforced cement composites by solutions of ammonium nitrate. (1/2157/05)20052007VEGAI. RousekováKMTI FCE
Development of method prepareting of anatomic implants into human skeleton (20-050702)20042006APVVM. ŽitňanskýKMTI FCE
Environmentally acceptable materials and technologies for traffic areas (1/0501/17)20172019VEGAS. UnčíkKMTI FCE
Monitoring of pore structure of the brick body during freezing and thawing (1/0538/08 )20082010VEGAM. ŠvedaKMTI FCE
Reducing energy demand of buildings during the use of secondary raw materials from the chemical and food industries in the manufacture of brick products (1/0045/15)20152017VEGAM. ŠvedaKMTI FCE
Research and development of preparation of Ti alloy for implants (1/1081/04)20042006VEGAM. ŽitňanskýKMTI FCE
Revitalizácia pasivačných podmienok oceľovej výstuže v betóne penetrujúcim inhibítorom (1/9064/02)20022004VEGAA. BajzaKMTI FCE
Study and numerical simulation of degradation processes in materials (1/2111/05)20052007VEGAM. HazlingerKMTI FCE
Study of hardening processes of historical and current mortars (1/0534/13)20132015VEGAV. PavlíkKMTI FCE
Study of influence of plastic deformation on the corrosion resistance of the selected austenitic stainless steels. (1/2113/05)20052007VEGAM. DománkováKMTI FCE
Study of kinetic of grain boundary phases precipitation in unstabilized austenitic stainless steels with low content of interstitial (1/9105/02)20022004VEGAM. DománkováKMTI FCE
Study of properties of mortars made from lime and lime-pozzolan binders for renewal of cultural heritage structures (1/0621/08)20082010VEGAV. PavlíkKMTI FCE
The creation of multimedia modular software for CNC machine tools programming (3/2382/04)20042006KEGAJ. PeterkaKMTI FCE
The effect of pore structure of brick body on the size of reduction core. (1/2139/05)20052007VEGAM. ŠvedaKMTI FCE
Towards the next generation of standards for service life of cement-based materials and structures (Akcia TU1404)20142018COSTV. PavlíkKMTI FCE
Use of recycled aggregate in production of cement composites. (1/0554/08)20082010VEGAS. UnčíkKMTI FCE
Utilisation of corelation functions amoung the physical properties of cellular concrete in quality control (AV 4/0021/08)20082010VTPS. UnčíkKMTI FCE
Vplyv pórovej štruktúry tehliarskeho črepu na jeho mrazuvzdronosť (1/9057/02)20022004VEGAM. ŠvedaKMTI FCE
Výskum štruktúrnej stability a zvariteľnosti dvojfázových nehrdzavejúcich ocelí (1/9106/02)20022003VEGAI. HrivňákKMTI FCE
Vývoj metódy prípravy implantátov do ľudského skeletu (1/7170/20)20002003VEGAM. ŽitňanskýKMTI FCE

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