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The Institute of Architecture of Residential Buildings (FA) - list of projects

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Creative ways of architectural design using advanced digital technologies20172019KEGAV. ŠimkovičÚABB FA
Metodika architektonickej tvorby v kontexte udržateľnosti kultúrnej krajiny vinohradov Slovenska20172017VEGAA. BacováÚABB FA
REGIOGOES20132014-- Iný medzinárodný --A. BacováÚABB FA
Regiogoes, Creating the Future20072013-- Iný domáci --A. BacováÚABB FA
Whisper BWB: international urban-social-art research for 3 Danube capitals with interactive pavilions and artistic installations20162016Štátny programE. KocherginaÚABB FA

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