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Effect of environmental factors on biofilm formation and toxic metabolites production by potentially pathogenic microorganisms20182018Mladý výskumníkP. ŠipošováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Fermented cereal and pseudocereal products for nutritionally handicapped groups of consumers: Optimization of fermentation conditions and composition of cultures and complementary cultures with probiotic potential in fermented matrices (1/0363/19)20192021VEGAĽ. ValíkDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Characterization and phenotypization of coliform bacteria isolated from wastewater20172017Mladý výskumníkK. LépesováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Identification and characterization of coliform bacteria resistant to antibiotics isolated from waste water, sludge, and human intestinal tract20162016Mladý výskumníkK. LépesováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Improvement of safety and quality of traditional Slovakian cheeses on the basis of application of modern analytical, mathematical-modelling and molecular-biological mathods, and identification of the innovation potential (APVV-15-0006)20162019APVV - Všeobecná výzvaĽ. ValíkDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Incidence, characterization and comparison of antibiotic-resistant bacteria from field to consumer (1/0096/17)20172020VEGAL. BírošováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Issue of antimicrobial resistance in raw ready-to-eat plant food20192019Mladý výskumníkM. KrahulcováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Modernization of teaching of the Food Microbiology (2015vs047)20152016-- Iný domáci --T. MančuškováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Progresive methods for elimination of development and spread of bacterial resistance against clinically relevant antibiotics (APVV-16-0171)20172020APVV - Všeobecná výzvaL. BírošováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Selection and evaluation of plant substrates in a developement of new functional products20172017Mladý výskumníkZ. MatejčekováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
The application of probiotics and potentially probiotic microorganisms in the production of new cereal and pseudo-cereal fermented products20162016Mladý výskumníkZ. MatejčekováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
The concept of food security - Fusarium poae20162016Mladý výskumníkM. KoňuchováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Thermal Resistance of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus isolated from dairy products20172017Mladý výskumníkV. LehotováDNFQA IFSN FCFT
Using the principles of predictive microbiology to increase health safety, hygienic flawlessness and the quality of traditional Slovak steamed cheeses from raw milk (1/0532/18)20182021VEGAA. MedveďováDNFQA IFSN FCFT

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