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A hypertext textbook of analytical chemistry. (3/3072/05)20052006KEGAP. MájekIAlC IAC FCFT
Advanced portable system for explosive agents sampling, detection and analysis. (E!3109)20042007EUREKAE. MatisováIAlC IAC FCFT
Aldo-keto reductases in chronic diseases - in silico modeling of significant enzymes and their complexes with indole derivatives. (2/0033/14)20142017VEGAP. MájekIAlC IAC FCFT
Analytical and chemical (bio)sensors and tests as an alternative to biological toxicity assays (1/0489/16)20162019VEGAĽ. ŠvorcIAC FCFT
Analytical chemistry - Electronic collection of exercises. (3/3071/05)20052006KEGAP. TarapčíkIAlC IAC FCFT
Analytical methods for quality and safe traditional food products. (SK 0010)20082010-- Iný domáci --I. ŠpánikIAlC IAC FCFT
Analytická charakterizácia štruktúry a vlastností vybraných nanomateriálov20162016Mladý výskumníkV. SvitkováIAC FCFT
Analytické a termodynamické štúdium separácie opticky aktívnych látok metódou HPLC v on-line spojení s DAD, NMR a polarimetrickou detekciou. Príprava nových selektívnych sorbentov použiteľných pri príprave vzorky. (1/0058/08)20082010VEGAJ. LehotayIAlC IAC FCFT
Bórom dopovaný diamant ako elektrochemický senzor pre stanovenie významných látok v klinickej, potravinárskej a environmentálnej chémii20152015Mladý výskumníkJ. SochrIAlC IAC FCFT
Centrum excelentnosti metód a procesov zelenej chémie. (ITMS - 26240120001)20092011OP VaVT. GraczaDOC IOCP FCFT
Comparative study of gamma aminobutyrate acid (GABA) metabolism as an approach for understanding its function in eucaryotic cells. (1/2334/05)20052007VEGAT. LiptajDNMRMS IAC FCFT
Competence centre of inteligent technologies. (ITMS 26240220072 )20112014OP VaVJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Developement and Implementation of Field and Laboratory Methodologies for Environmental Evaluation of Wetlands (SK-SRB-18-0020)20192020APVV - Bilaterálna spolupráca I. ŠpánikIAC FCFT
Development and installation of early warning system to ensure a safe drinking water quality and improve risk assessment and prevention in Novi Sad municipality. (ESP.EAP.SFPP 984087)20112014NATOI. ŠpánikIAlC IAC FCFT
Development and application of comprehensive gas chromatography (GCxGC) for analysis of multicomponent samples containing organic compounds, with emphasis on compounds occuring in samples from environment and foods. (1/0483/11)20112013VEGAJ. KrupčíkIAlC IAC FCFT
Development and coupling of analytical methods and protocols to complex qualitative and quantitative analysis of biologically active compounds in various matrices20172019Excelentné tímy mladých výskumníkovK. Poláčeková CinkováIAC FCFT
Development and implementation of new modern analytical methods for food analysis. (1/0972/12)20122014VEGAT. LiptajDNMRMS IAC FCFT
Development and improvement of modern analytical methods for monitoring the environmental pollution and introduction of the quality systems and accreditation to routine analytical laboratories. (PL-110 02/03)20022003CEEPUSJ. MocákIAlC IAC FCFT
Development and improvement of modern analytical methods for monitoring the environmental pollution and introduction of the quality systems and accreditation to routine analytical laboratories. (PL-110 03/04)20032004CEEPUSJ. MocákIAlC IAC FCFT
Development and use of single-column, multidimensional and comprehensive GC systems in study of chiral separation mechanisms and as perspective method for analysis of enantiomers of volatile organic compounds in complicated matrices. (1/0573/14)20142017VEGAI. ŠpánikIAlC IAC FCFT
Development, metrological and chemometric evaluation of electrochemical and spectrometric techniques of trace analysis with special emphasis to clinical, food and environmental problems (1/2464/05)20052007VEGAD. BustinIAlC IAC FCFT
Development of efficient green sample preparation methods for extraction of endocrine disrupting chemicals and xenobiotics from food and environment at low concentration levels. (1/0503/14)20142016VEGAS. HrouzkováIAlC IAC FCFT
Development of electrochemical sensors and biosensors with polymer a biomimetic membranes for new ways of selector immobilization, new detection modes and external protection. (1/0361/14)20142016VEGAJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Development of new analytical methods for pesticide residues monitoring in textile products using "green" microextraction techniques20172017Mladý výskumníkS. ZichováIAC FCFT
Development of new analytical methods for the determination and characterization of biologically active compounds. (APVV-0797-11)20122015APVV - Všeobecná výzvaJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Development of new approaches of the combinations of conventional extractions and microextractions suitable for the extraction of pesticide residues from complex matrices20182018Mladý výskumníkS. ZichováIAC FCFT
Development of new extraction and analytical methods for the determination of life-threatening substances in food and in environmental samples20182020Excelentné tímy mladých výskumníkovS. ZichováIAC FCFT
Development of new high performance liquid and gas chromatography methods with specific selectivity for analysis of biologically active compounds isomers (APVV-20-035205)20062009APVVJ. LehotayIAlC IAC FCFT
Development of new metods for fast chromatographic analysis of isomers and enantiomers of volatile organic compounds in multicolumn and multidimensional coupled systems hyphenated to mass spectrometry. (1/2461/05)20052007VEGAJ. KrupčíkIAlC IAC FCFT
Development of novel profiling analytical methods for food quality and safety. (APVV-0319-07)20082011APVV - Všeobecná výzvaI. ŠpánikIAlC IAC FCFT
Development of optimum methods for analyses of enantiomers of biologically active chiral substances by high performance liquid, supercritical fluid and gas chromatography. (1/9127/02)20022004VEGAJ. KrupčíkIAlC IAC FCFT
Developmental neurotoxicity of venlafaxine: Experimental study of the neurobehavioral development and neuroendocrine responses. (2/0084/11)20112014VEGAS. KašparováDNMRMS IAC FCFT
Dobudovanie Centra excelentnosti metód a procesov zelenej chémie (CEGreenII). (ITMS - 26240120025)20102012OP VaVT. GraczaDOC IOCP FCFT
e-Book "Analytical Methods in Clinical Chemistry" (3/5207/07)20072008KEGAJ. SádeckáIAlC IAC FCFT
Ecological analytical methods for pesticide residues investigation and for degradation studies in food and plant materials (SK-SRB-2016-0006)20172018APVV - Bilaterálna spolupráca S. HrouzkováIAC FCFT
Ecological and rapid method of analysis of explosive residues (2017vs034)20182018-- Iný domáci --S. HrouzkováIAC FCFT
Education in separation and identification of organic xenobiotics in envirnmental samples and foodproducts. (CII-PL-0004-01-0506-PL-130-05/06)20052006CEEPUS II (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies)J. KrupčíkIAlC IAC FCFT
Education in separation methods for organic environmental analysis in XXI. century. (PL-0130)20032005CEEPUSJ. KrupčíkIAlC IAC FCFT
Effect of pyridoindolových derivatives in terms of experimental model of neurodegeneration. (2/0048/11)20112014VEGAT. LiptajDNMRMS IAC FCFT
Electroanalysis by means of in-electrode coulometric titration and interdigitated assembly of microelectrodes. Optimisation of stages of trace analysis. (1/9129/02)20022004VEGAD. BustinIAlC IAC FCFT
Electrochemical biosensor based on nucleic acids for the detection of effetcs of chemical agents on DNA. (SK-RO-0028-10)20112012Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - RumunskoJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Electrochemical DNA biosensors for the characterization of chemical interactions of the bound DNA, the determination of traces of compounds binding to DNA as wel as activators and inhibitors of damage to DNA. (1/9253/02)20022004VEGAJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Electrochemical hydride generation for determination of some semi-metals by atomic absorption spectrometry. (1/0419/12)20122014VEGAE. BeinrohrIAlC IAC FCFT
Establishment of the Top-Class Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory. (2003SP200280203)20032011Štátny programT. LiptajDNMRMS IAC FCFT
European Human Biomonitoring Initiative (733032)20172021H2020: SC1 - Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing I. ŠpánikIAC FCFT
Evaluation of activity parameters of potential inhibitors of aldose reductase - a contribution to therapy of chronic diabetic complications. (2/7074/7)20072009VEGAP. MájekIAlC IAC FCFT
Fast Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry for environmental and food analysis of selected groups of organic pollutants (APVV-20-000705)20062009APVVE. MatisováIAlC IAC FCFT
Fast Gas Chromatography for Analysis of Endocrine Disruptors in Environmental Matrices. (1/0390/09)20092011VEGAS. HrouzkováIAlC IAC FCFT
Fast GC for (ultra)trace analysis of organic compounds in complex samples. (1/2463/05)20052007VEGAE. MatisováIAlC IAC FCFT
Harmonization of analytical methods used in the National Environmental Agency of Georgia with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive 2013/39/EU (SAMRS/2016/VP/1/1)20172017Slovenská rozvojová spolupráca ODA, Slovak AidI. ŠpánikIAC FCFT
HPLC separation of amino acids enantiomers. Use of laboratory prepared and commercial chiral stationary phases20182018Mladý výskumníkA. LomenovaIAC FCFT
Charakterizácia ovocných destilátov fluorescenčnou spektrometriou.20142014-- Iný domáci --M. JakubíkováIAlC IAC FCFT
Chemical toxicity sensors ? investigation of selected environmental risk factors using biosensors based on DNA and LDL. (1/2462/05)20052007VEGAJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Chemometrical Classification of Food and Biologically Important Samples. (37s15)20032003Akcia Rakúsko - SlovenskoJ. MocákIAlC IAC FCFT
Identification of suitable authentication markers and development of optimal analytical methods for their determination in selected food commodities. (APVT-20-002904)20052007APVVI. ŠpánikIAlC IAC FCFT
Identifikácia prchavých organických zlúčenín v ovocných destilátoch pomocou plynovej chromatografie.20142014-- Iný domáci --O. VyviurskaIAlC IAC FCFT
Innovation of HPLC in the teaching of analytical chemistry (2017vs023)20182018-- Iný domáci --K. HroboňováIAC FCFT
Interactions between biological active compounds and nanomaterials, and their applications in (bio)sensors. (1/0182/11)20112013VEGAJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Investigation/detection of environmental risk species by DNA-based biosensors. (5/2002)20032004Bilaterálna spoluprácaJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Kombinácia fluorescenčnej spektroskopie a chemometrie pre analýzu mnohozložkových zmesí. (1/0318/08)20082010VEGAJ. SádeckáIAlC IAC FCFT
Large volume injection in conventional and fast capillary gas chromatography. (1/9126/02)20022004VEGAE. MatisováIAlC IAC FCFT
Living/controlled polymerization: Optimization of polymerization process toward well defined polymers with target architecture and properties. (APVV-0109-10)20112014APVV - Všeobecná výzvaT. LiptajDNMRMS IAC FCFT
MEDITECH -inovačný program moderných biomedicínskych technológií. (ESF/JPD 3 2005/1-041)20062008-- Iný domáci --J. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Mechanistic Study of Chiral Recognition in HPLC and HRGC (002-98)19992002Bilaterálna spoluprácaJ. KrupčíkIAlC IAC FCFT
Meranie NMR spektier (29013)20092009-- Iný domáci --T. LiptajDNMRMS IAC FCFT
Method development of sample preparation in combination with fast gas chromatography for ultratrace anlysis of complex mixtures. Determination of low-level of endocrine disrupting xenobiotic in food and environmental samples. (1/0647/11)20112013VEGAS. HrouzkováIAlC IAC FCFT
Metódy viacrozmernej kalibrácie aplikované na stanovenie enantiomérneho zloženia účinnej látky fluoxetínu v rôznych matriciach20152015Mladý výskumníkR. PoláčekIAlC IAC FCFT
Minimisation of Pesticide Residues in Processed Products and the Environment. (NATO Project No SfP 977983)20032006NATOE. MatisováIAlC IAC FCFT
Minimization of Pesticide Residues in Processed Products and the Environment. (SfP 977983)20022005NATOE. MatisováIAlC IAC FCFT
Modern hyphenated analytical methods in determination of food origin (1/0710/10)20102011VEGAI. ŠpánikIAlC IAC FCFT
Molecular mechanisms of the new drugs affecting oxidative stress ? the important factor of the number of illnesses (APVV-51-017905)20062009APVVT. LiptajDNMRMS IAC FCFT
Monitoring the formation and transfer of enantiomers of volatile organic compounds during the production process of Tokaj wines20182018Mladý výskumníkL. KhvalbotaIAC FCFT
Následky akútnej ischémie mozgu v závislosti od veku zvierat a ich ovplyvnenie pyridoindolmi a inými antioxadantami. (2/0093/08)20082010VEGAT. LiptajDNMRMS IAC FCFT
Network for education and training for public environmental laboratories. (530554-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-SK-TEMPUS-JPHES )20122016Joint ProjectsI. ŠpánikIAlC IAC FCFT
Neurodegenerative diseases in animal models including therapeutic effect monitored by means in vivo magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy (metabolic profile and brain bioenergetics) (1/0272/10)20102011VEGAS. KašparováDNMRMS IAC FCFT
New advanced materials in the development of rapid and ecological practices of monitoring of pesticides in food and in the prevention of the contamination of the environment20152017Excelentné tímy mladých výskumníkovA. SzarkaIAlC IAC FCFT
New approaches to preparation of complex samples for HPLC analysis. (1/9128/02)20022004VEGAJ. LehotayIAlC IAC FCFT
New biomaterials and biosensors for clinical use. (APVT-20-015904)20052007APVVJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
New Electroanalytical techniques and Procedures of Improovement of Atomic Spectroscopy- Determination and Chemometrical Characterization of Analytes. (APVV-0057-06)20072009APVVP. TomčíkIAlC IAC FCFT
New materials and the construcion of electrochemical biosensors as an alternative of biological toxicity tests20172017Mladý výskumníkV. SvitkováIAC FCFT
New Methodological and Chemometrical Approaches for Problems Solving Environmental and Clinical Analyses. (1/0066/09)20092011VEGAM. RievajIAlC IAC FCFT
Nové elektroanalytické techniky na stanovenie stopových koncentrácií a chemických foriem arzénu, antimónu a selénu vo vodách pre použitie v laboratóriách i v teréne. (1/0500/08)20082010VEGAE. BeinrohrIAlC IAC FCFT
Perspektívne elektródové materiály v organickej elektroanalýze20162016Mladý výskumníkK. Poláčeková CinkováIAC FCFT
Pharmacological intervention in glucose-toxicity in type 2 diabetes (APVV-15-0455)20162020APVV - Všeobecná výzvaP. MájekIAC FCFT
Príprava a hodnotenie polyméru s odtlačkom molekuly ako sorbentu pre off-line SPE extrakciu kumarínov.20142014-- Iný domáci --A. MachyňákováIAlC IAC FCFT
Redox mechanisms study of biologically active compounds using carbon-based electrode materials20172017Mladý výskumníkK. Poláčeková CinkováIAC FCFT
Regeneration of specific brain regions of adult songbirds studied by in vivo magnetic resonance. (2/0177/14)20142017VEGAS. KašparováDNMRMS IAC FCFT
Residual dipolar couplings - new NMR tool in structural analysis (1/0770/15)20152017VEGAT. LiptajDNMRMS IAC FCFT
Separácia enantiomérov v potravinových matriciach viacrozmernou plynovou chromatografiou.20122013-- Iný domáci --A. PažitnáIAlC IAC FCFT
Stanovenie arzénu vo vzorke pitnej vody (29067)20092009-- Iný domáci --A. ManováIAlC IAC FCFT
Stanovenie koncentrácií chloridových aniónov metódou vysokorozlišovacej atómovej absorpčnej spektroskopie s kontinuálnym zdrojom žiarenia20162016Mladý výskumníkM. NěmečekIAC FCFT
Study of neuroprotective effects of new pyridoindole antioxidants. (2/5010/25)20052007VEGAT. LiptajDNMRMS IAC FCFT
Substituted pyridoindoles as potential multi-target-directed ligands in prevention and treatment of chronic diseases - theoretical screening. (2/0030/11)20112013VEGAP. MájekIAlC IAC FCFT
Štúdium interakcie oxidačnýxch produktov lipidov na DNA. (APVT-27-010304)20052007APVVA. FerancováIAlC IAC FCFT
Termodynamic study of enantiomer separations by HPLC, correlation studies using artificial neural networks, development of novel analytical methods for determination of biological relevant compounds. (1/2460/05)20052007VEGAJ. LehotayIAlC IAC FCFT
The development and use of selective sorption materials for analysis of biologically active compounds in complex matrices. (1/0499/14)20142016VEGAK. HroboňováIAlC IAC FCFT
The Development of a diagnostic tool for quantitative MRI imaging of biogenic iron in clinical practice (APVV-0431-12)20132016APVV - Všeobecná výzvaL. BačiakDNMRMS IAC FCFT
The development of analytical methods for problematic WFD pollutants. (VMSP-P-0064-09)20092011APVV - Program VMSPI. ŠpánikIAlC IAC FCFT
The development of new molecularly imprinted polymers for the selective sorption of analytes from the samples with complex matrix. Thermodynamic and analytical study of intheraction mechanism of sorption. Application of HPLC--NMR technique. (1/0164/11)20112013VEGAJ. LehotayIAlC IAC FCFT
The development of novel abalytical methods for determination of origin of slovakian tokaj wines and fruit distillates (APVV-15-0355)20162020APVV - Všeobecná výzvaI. ŠpánikIAC FCFT
The HPLC Study of Enantioselective Separation Using Molecular Modelling and Artificial Neural Networks on Macrocyclic Chiral Selectors. (035/2002)20022005Bilaterálna spoluprácaJ. LehotayIAlC IAC FCFT
The Improvement of monitoring quality of existing and new sources of drinking water in canton of Sarajevo (SAMRS/2018/ZB/1/4)20182020Slovenská rozvojová spolupráca ODA, Slovak AidA. MachyňákováIAC FCFT
The preparation of modern textbook on analytical separation methods. (3/2238/04)20042006KEGAJ. LehotayIAlC IAC FCFT
The use of modern analytical methods for characterisation of pollution of drinking water sources in Novi Sad municipality. (SK-SRB-0022-11)20122013Bilaterálna spolupráca - SR - SrbskoI. ŠpánikIAlC IAC FCFT
Unification of new terms in the field of analytical chemistry measurement. (016STU-4/2011)20112011KEGAJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Utilization of new electrode materials on the basis of boron-doped diamond and bismuth for solving tasks of food, clinical and environmental trace analysis. (1/0051/13)20132015VEGAĽ. ŠvorcIAlC IAC FCFT
Visegrad Scholarship - Nemanja Koljančić (51810301)20182019International Visegrad Fund - ScholarshipsI. ŠpánikIAC FCFT
Visegrad/V4EaP Scholarship - Ms. Liudmyla Khvalbota (51601515)20162017International Visegrad Fund - ScholarshipsI. ŠpánikIAC FCFT
Využitie biosenzorov, biomateriálov a biosignálov v medicíne. (4/0103/06)20062009RAV MŠ SRJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Využitie nanotechnológie pri tvorbe DNA a LDL biosenzorov. (1/0852/08)20082010VEGAJ. LabudaIAlC IAC FCFT
Vývoj nových analytických metód extrakcie rezíduí pesticídov z nutraceutických produktov20152015Mladý výskumníkA. SzarkaIAlC IAC FCFT
Vývoj rýchlych a účinných metód analýzy organických zlúčenín, dôležitých z hľadiska kvality životného prostredia, v selektívnych jedno- a viackolónových zostavách plynovej chromatografie v spojení s hmotnostnou spektrometriou v režimoch EI/CI/NCI. (1/0827/08)20082010VEGAJ. KrupčíkIAlC IAC FCFT

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