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Department of Organic Chemistry (IOCP FCFT) - list of publications

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FERKO, B. -- ZEMAN, M. -- FORMICA, M. -- VESELÝ, S. -- DOHÁŇOŠOVÁ, J. -- MONCOĽ, J. -- OLEJNÍKOVÁ, P. -- BERKEŠ, D. -- JAKUBEC, P. -- DIXON, D J. -- CALETKOVÁ, O. Total Synthesis of Berkeleylactone A. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 84. p. 7159--7165.

Original name: Total Synthesis of Berkeleylactone A
Name in Slovak:
Written by (author): Ing. Branislav Ferko, PhD. (90%)
Ing. Marián Zeman (1%)
Michele Formica (1%)
Bc. Sebastián Veselý (1%)
Ing. Jana Doháňošová, PhD. (1%)
doc. Ing. Ján Moncoľ, PhD. (1%)
doc. Ing. Petra Olejníková, PhD. (1%)
doc. Ing. Dušan Berkeš, CSc. (1%)
Ing. Pavol Jakubec, PhD. (1%)
Darren J. Dixon (1%)
Ing. Oľga Caletková, PhD. (1%)
Department: Department of Organic Chemistry
Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Centrálne laboratóriá FCHPT
Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Institute of Biochemistry and Microbiology
Kind of publication: articles in magazines
Periodical: Journal of Organic Chemistry
Volume no. (year): 84
Starting page: 7159
Up to page: 7165
Number of pages: 7
Original language: English
Publication category: ADC Vedecké práce v zahraničných karentovaných časopisoch
Scientific field:
Year of submission: 2019
Year of transmission: 2019
Entry made by: Ing. Branislav Ferko, PhD.
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Source specification:

Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2019.

Original name: Journal of Organic Chemistry
English name:
Czech name:
Kind of publication: conference proceedings
Place of publishing:
Issue and volume number:
Year of publication: 2019
Issue number:
Number of pages:
Type of scope:
Kind of collection:
Original language:
Description in original language:
Description in English:
Description in Czech:
Year of submission: 2019
Year of transmission:
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