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PECIAR, P. -- FEKETE, R. -- PECIAR, M. Tlakové účinky partikulárneho materiálu na lopatku homogenizátora. Bratislava: Spektrum, 2019. 140 p. ISBN 978-80-227-4905-3.

Original name: Tlakové účinky partikulárneho materiálu na lopatku homogenizátora
English name:
Written by (author): doc. Ing. Peter Peciar, PhD. (80%)
doc. Ing. Roman Fekete, PhD. (10%)
prof. Ing. Marián Peciar, PhD. (10%)
Department: Institute of Process Engineering
Kind of publication: monographs, textbooks, manuals, norms, patents, research reports, other non-periodical publications
ISBN: 978-80-227-4905-3
Publisher: Spektrum
Place of publishing: Bratislava
Year of publication: 2019
Number of pages: 140
Original language: Slovak
Publication category: AAB Vedecké monografie vydané v domácich vydavateľstvách
Scientific field:
Key words: slovak: partikulárny materiál, particulate material, DEM method
Year of submission: 2019
Year of transmission: 2019
Entry made by: doc. Ing. Peter Peciar, PhD.
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