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Use this application to display the list of phone numbers for the selected department. Use the button at the end of the form to print the list of phone numbers.

It is possible to display the primary data only or all data.

There are either only extensions or full phone numbers listed below. Use the following selection to change the way phone numbers are displayed.


The office phone code for Computer and information centre is not known. Phone numbers are in the full format.

Staff list

Horvát Miroslav, Ing., PhD.head of department, Vedúci VS+421 (2) 57 296
Adamčíková MagdaKnihovnice+421 (2) 57 296
Jurkovičová JaroslavaKnihovnice+421 (2) 57 296 218161/
Kafúnová MáriaKnihovnice+421 (2) 57 296
Mandák ImrichPrac. technickej obsluhy a údržby VS+421 (2) 57 296
Minjariková Tatiana, Ing.Technická pracovnice+421 (2) 57 296 223158/
Sylla Iveta, prom. fil.Knihovnice+421 (2) 57 296
Toráň Marek, Bc.Prac. technickej obsluhy a údržby VS+421 (2) 57 296 224158/

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