Jul 16, 2019   4:48 p.m. Drahomír
Academic information system

Division of Communication and Information Systems (MTF) - telephone directory

Use this application to display the list of phone numbers for the selected department. Use the button at the end of the form to print the list of phone numbers.

It is possible to display the primary data only or all data.

There are either only extensions or full phone numbers listed below. Use the following selection to change the way phone numbers are displayed.


The office phone code for Division of Communication and Information Systems is not known. Phone numbers are in the full format.

Staff list

Hýroš Matej, Ing.head of department, Pracovník operačných systémov VS+421 905 357 624T02 4.116matej.hyros@stuba.sk
Baričič DávidOrganizátor prevádzky VS+421 905 357 625T02 4.115david.baricic@stuba.sk
Kondel Richard, Ing.Pracovník operačných systémov VS+421 918 646 264T02 4.119richard.kondel@stuba.sk
Kuracinová Erika, Ing.Organizátor prevádzky VS+421 918 646 067T02 4.118erika.kuracinova@stuba.sk
Pribila Vladimír, Ing.Organizátor prevádzky VS+421 918 445 999T02 4.115vladimir.pribila@stuba.sk
Sýkora JánPrac. technickej obsluhy a údržby VS+421 906 068 475T02 4.120jan.sykora@stuba.sk
Zachar IvanPracovník operačných systémov VS+421 905 487 121T02 4.119ivan.zachar@stuba.sk
External staff    
Spišáková Alžbeta, Ing., PhD.External Instructor+421 918 647 071T02 4.114xspisakovaa@stuba.sk

Click the "Print the list of phone numbers" button to get the list of phone numbers in the PDF format.