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Department of Food Technology (IFSN FCFT) - telephone directory

Use this application to display the list of phone numbers for the selected department. Use the button at the end of the form to print the list of phone numbers.

It is possible to display the primary data only or all data.

There are either only extensions or full phone numbers listed below. Use the following selection to change the way phone numbers are displayed.


The office phone code for Department of Food Technology is not known. Phone numbers are in the full format.

Staff list

Greif Gabriel, Ing., PhD.Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 59 325 557SB
Greifová Mária, doc. Ing., PhD.Docentka CSc.,PhD.SB, 5.posch.
Hájek Marián, Ing.Pracovník pre ekonomické činnosti+421 (2) 59 325 555SB
Hojerová Jarmila, doc. Ing., PhD.Docentka CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 59 325 418SB
Karovičová Jolana, doc. Ing., PhD.Docentka CSc.,PhD.SB, 5.posch.
Kohajdová Zlatica, Ing., PhD.Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 59 325 445SB
Kreps František, Ing., PhD.Vedecký pracovník KS II.b. CSc.,PhD.+421 948 020 272SB, 5.posch.
Lauková Michaela, Ing., PhD.Vedecká pracovnice KS II.b. CSc.,
Martiniaková Silvia, Ing., PhD.Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD.SB, 5.posch.
Minarovičová Lucia, Ing., PhD.Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD.SB, 5.posch.
Sekretár Stanislav, doc. Ing., PhD.Docent CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 59 325 434SB
Staruch Ladislav, Ing., PhD.Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 59 325 451SB
Šimko Peter, prof. Ing., DrSc.Profesor DrSc.SB, 5.posch.
post-graduate students    
Ácsová Aneta,
Kolarič Lukáš,

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