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Institute of Urban Design and Planning (FA) - telephone directory

Use this application to display the list of phone numbers for the selected department. Use the button at the end of the form to print the list of phone numbers.

It is possible to display the primary data only or all data.

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The office phone code for Institute of Urban Design and Planning is not known. Phone numbers are in the full format.

Staff list

Kováč Bohumil, prof. Ing. arch., PhD.head of department, Profesor CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 572 76 272241bohumil.kovac@stuba.sk
Bašová Silvia, doc. Ing. arch., PhD.Docentka CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 572 76 270250silvia.basova@stuba.sk
Fejo Katarína, Ing. arch., PhD.Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 572 76 279244katarina.bohacova@stuba.sk
Gécová Katarína, Ing., PhD.Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 572 76 276235katarina.gecova@stuba.sk
Görner Karol, Ing. arch., PhD.Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD.karol.gorner@stuba.sk
Krajčovičová Wanda, Bc.Sekretárkavanda.liskova@stuba.sk
Kristiánová Katarína, Ing. arch., PhD.Výskumný pracovnice s VŠ vzdelaním+421 (2) 572 76 266239katarina.kristianova@stuba.sk
Putrová Eva, Ing. arch., CSc.Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 572 76 276235eva.putrova@stuba.sk
Smatanová Katarína, Ing. arch., PhD.Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD.katarina.smatanova@stuba.sk
Sopirová Alžbeta, doc. Ing. arch., CSc.Docentka CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 572 76 275248alzbeta.sopirova@stuba.sk
Štefancová Lucia, Ing. arch., PhD.Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 572 76 2692452005250247@stuba.sk
Vitková Ľubica, doc. Ing. arch., PhD.Docentka CSc.,PhD.+421 (2) 572 76 215237lubica.vitkova@stuba.sk
External staff    
Suchánková Zuzana, Ing. arch., PhD.Dohoda o pracovnej činnostiqsuchankova@stuba.sk
post-graduate students    
Furdík Daniel, Ing. arch.post-graduate studentdaniel.furdik@stuba.sk
Kasala Viktor, Ing. arch.post-graduate studentviktor.kasala@stuba.sk
Lemak Olena, Ing.post-graduate studentolena.lemak@stuba.sk
Michalka Ladislav, Ing. arch.post-graduate studentladislav.michalka@stuba.sk
Nováček Oto, Ing. arch.post-graduate studentoto.novacek@stuba.sk
Štrbíková Dominika, Ing. arch.post-graduate studentdominika.strbikova@stuba.sk
Urban Ján, Ing. arch.post-graduate studentjan.urban@stuba.sk

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