Sep 18, 2019   5:27 p.m. Eugénia
Academic information system

Department of Environmental Engineering (UIBE MTF) - list of employees

The application displays a list of employees at the selected department. The information system receives information about employees from Economic system STU. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Personnel Department.


Ing. Lenka Blinová, PhD.Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD.TL-307a+421 908 674 072
doc. Ing. Kristína Gerulová, PhD.Docentka CSc.,PhD.Dekanat+421 908 674 063kristina.gerulova [at]
Ing. Anna Michalíková, CSc.Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD.ŤL 308+421 906 068 klapka 512anna.michalikova [at]
RNDr. Maroš Sirotiak, PhD.Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD.ŤL 307a+421 908 674 072, +421 906 068 klapka 357maros.sirotiak [at]