Mar 21, 2019   0:16 a.m. Blahoslav
Academic information system

Electronic study application to STU - Set up an e-application register

Use this application to set up a new e-application register. Please follow the instructions. When filling in your e-application, read all texts carefully.

Another step to set up a register of e-applications is to fill in the personal details. Name, surname and e-mail are compulsory items, therefore, they must be correct. Please state name and surname with diacritics, with capital letters and without academic degrees. E-mail item must contain a valid e-mail address.


Sex: male female

In case you are of Czech or Slovak nationality, you need to fill in the Birth certificate number item. If you are of different nationality, fill in the Date of birth item. Birth certificate number is typed without a slash.
I am a foreigner and I have a personal number:
Birth certificate number:
Date of birth:

In case of problems with this system, send your query using the this form.