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Final thesis assignment form – Mgr. Ievgeniia Topolniak, PhD. – FEEIT D-ME ext [year 3]

This application helps you to display preview of the assignment of the final thesis. Preview is for information only and need not correspond to the print output.

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Institute of Electronics and Phototonics
 Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology



Author of thesis:Mgr. Ievgeniia Topolniak
Study programme:Microelectronics
Study field: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Registration number:FEI-10843-66708
Student's ID:66708
Thesis supervisor:prof. Ing. František Uherek, PhD.
Consultant:Ing. Andrej Vincze, PhD.
Workplace:ÚEF FEI STU Bratislava
Title of the thesis:Photodegradation of Polymer Nanocomposites for Encapsulation of Organic Solar Cells
Language of thesis:English
Date of entry:01. 09. 2012
Date of submission:18. 11. 2015

Mgr. Ievgeniia Topolniak
prof. Ing. Daniel Donoval, DrSc.
Head of department
 prof. Ing. Daniel Donoval, DrSc.
Study programme supervisor