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Final thesis assignment form – Ing. Mikuláš Minčič – FME I-AMPS den [term 6, year 2]

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Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Institute of transport technology and designing
 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering



Author of thesis:Bc. Mikuláš Minčič
Study programme:Automobiles and Mobile Production Machines
Study field: Mechanical Engineering
Registration number:SjF-104450-55267
Student's ID:55267
Thesis supervisor:Ing. Ján Danko, PhD.
Workplace:Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU in Bratislava
Title of the thesis:The impact of the rubber bushing on the noise level
Language of thesis:English
Topic specifications:1. Theoretical analysis of causes of noise in the vehicle.
2. Types of rubber-metal parts.
3. Analysis of the causes of noise of rubber-metal parts.
4. Design of solution.
5. Production and testing of prototype.
6. Evaluation of results.
7. Drawing documentation.
Length of thesis:50 - 60 pages including annexes
Date of entry:31. 01. 2018
Date of submission:28. 05. 2018

Ing. Mikuláš Minčič
prof. Ing. Ladislav Gulan, PhD.
Head of department
 prof. Ing. Ladislav Gulan, PhD.
Study programme supervisor