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Zadanie záverečnej práce – Ing. Nikolaos Selis – SvF I-CExA den [sem 3, roč 2]

Aplikácia umožňuje zobraziť náhľad zadania záverečnej práce. Zobrazenie je iba informatívne a nezodpovedá tlačenému výstupu.

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Department of Geotechnics
 Faculty of Civil Engineering



Author of thesis:Bc. Nikolaos Selis
Study programme:Civil Engineering (in english language)
Study field: Civil Engineering
Registration number:SvF-104338-70595
Student's ID:70595
Thesis supervisor:doc. Ing. Jana Frankovská, PhD.
Workplace:Department of Geotechnics
Title of the thesis:Experimental investigation of soil properties
Language of thesis:English
Topic specifications:Laboratory and field experiments with different types of course-grained soils focused on mechanical and hydraulic properties. Interpretation methods of the tests based on correlations obtained by laboratory and in-situ penetration tests for course-grained soils. Determination of derived geotechnical parameters using correlations supported by experience and references.
Length of thesis:50 p.
  1. ATKINSON, J. The mechanics of Soils and Foundations . London: Taylor & Francis, 2nd edition, 2007. 442 p.
  2. Head, K.H., Epps, R.J.: Manual of Soil Laboratory Testing. Vol. 2: Permeability, Shear Strength and Compressibility tests. 3rd Ed., 2011, Whittles Publishing, 495 p.
  3. Snaid, F.: In Situ Testing in Geomechanics. Taylor & Francis, 352 p.
Date of entry:01. 02. 2017
Date of submission:18. 05. 2017

Ing. Nikolaos Selis
doc. Ing. Ivan Slávik, PhD.
Head of department
 prof. Ing. Stanislav Unčík, PhD.
Study programme supervisor