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Final thesis assignment form – Ing. Ivana Klačková – FEEIT D-FYZ den [year 1]

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Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Institute of Nuclear and Physical Engineering
 Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology



Author of thesis:Ing. Ivana Klačková
Study programme:Physical Engineering
Study field: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Registration number:FEI-104400-47586
Student's ID:47586
Thesis supervisor:doc. Ing. Andrea Šagátová, PhD.
Consultant:Dr. Steffen Hauf, Dr. Markus Kuster
Workplace:European XFEL, Germany
Title of the thesis:Radiation Damage Studies of the Detectors at EuXFEL
Language of thesis:English
Topic specifications:The European XFEL is an international research facility in the Hamburg area, Germany which started its user operation at the end of 2017. The main purpose of the facility is to create ultra short coherent X-ray pulses with a peak brilliance exceeding currently existing facilities. The aim of the PhD. thesis rests in the experimental characterization of semiconductor pixel detectors at XFEL.EU. The experimental testing is aimed at radiation hardness of the detectors to estimate their life-time at particular experiments.
Date of entry:30. 08. 2017
Date of submission:31. 05. 2020

Ing. Ivana Klačková
prof. Ing. Vladimír Nečas, PhD.
Head of department
 prof. Ing. Julius Cirák, CSc.
Study programme supervisor