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Zadanie záverečnej práce – doc. Ing. Martin Gulan, PhD. – SjF D-MECH den [roč 3]

Aplikácia umožňuje zobraziť náhľad zadania záverečnej práce. Zobrazenie je iba informatívne a nezodpovedá tlačenému výstupu.

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Ústav automatizácie, merania a aplikovanej informatiky
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering



Author of thesis:
Ing. Martin Gulan
Study programme:
Study field:
5.2.16. Mechatronics
Registration number:SjF-10950-49587
Student's ID:49587
Thesis supervisor:prof. Ing. Boris Rohaľ-Ilkiv, CSc.
Institute of automation, measurement and applied informatics
Title of the thesis:Nonlinear model predictive control of underactuated mechatronic systems
Language of thesis:
Topic specifications:
1. Formulation of the nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC) problem.
2. Overview and selection of suitable nonlinear optimization methods to address the NMPC problem.
3. Survey on capabilities of computationally efficient NMPC schemes in view of mechatronic systems with fast dynamics.
4. Design and development of laboratory setup involving an underactuated mechatronic system of choice - Pendubot.
5. Synthesis of a feedback NMPC controller in appropriate software environment, with the objective of tracking the unstable equilibrium positions of the system.
6. Practical implementation and experimental verification of functionality and performance of the proposed algorithms in real time.
Date of entry:
01. 08. 2012
Date of submission:
01. 08. 2015

Ing. Martin Gulan
prof. Ing. Gabriel Hulkó, DrSc.
Head of department
prof. Ing. Peter Šolek, CSc.
Study programme supervisor