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Research of defect diagnostic of welded joint by using of modern NDT methods

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Koloman Ulrich, PhD.

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Project description:The project aim is the research of defect diagnostic of welded joints using modern ultrasonic methods TOFD and Phased Array (PA) compared with radiation methods and impact of defects detected on the lifetime of welded structures. Samples of welded joints shall be prepared with artificially created defects, to be used to verify the sensitivity of UT techniques and results of detected defects will be compared with classical and modern radiation methods. Methods TOFD and PA will be further applied to measurements in industrial practice for testing of welded joints of concrete.
Kind of project:VEGA ()
Department:Institute of Production Technologies (MTF)
Project identification:1/0481/14
Project status:Successfully completed
Project start date :01. 01. 2014
Project close date:31. 12. 2016
Number of workers in the project:14
Number of official workers in the project:11

Official project workers

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OfficerOfficial roles
Bc. Alena Michálikováadministratíva
Ing. Martin Bajčičák, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
prof. Ing. Koloman Ulrich, PhD.zodpovedný riešiteľ
prof. Ing. Roman Koleňák, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Peter Krampoťák, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
doc. Ing. Štefan Podhorský, CSc.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Beáta Šimeková, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
prof. Ing. Peter Šugár, CSc.spoluriešiteľ
doc. Ing. Erika Hodúlová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Peter Kleinedler, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Ivana Kleinedlerová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ