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Modernization of the Automatic Control Hardware course by applying the concept Industry 4.0

Supervisor: Ing. Bohuslava Juhásová, PhD.

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Project description:The project is focused on the implementation and the use of the Industry 4.0 concept to modernize the syllabus of the course Automatic Control Hardware. A versatile, robust system will be developed Aplikácia konceptu Industry 4.0 v rámci modernizácie predmetu Technické prostriedky automatizovaného riadenia. 3/17 Identifikátor: 20150426231004610 within the project using the latest trends in automation and information technology. The use of the technological concept of the Cyber-Physical System will enable to improve not only the teaching of the subject Automatic Control Hardware, but also other subjects. The developed system could be used in teaching other subjects thanks to the database, which could be possibly complemented by a variety of relevant learning materials. The system will serve to students as well as teachers during the course itself, but also for home self-study. The system will be designed to support the teacher during the course as much as possible and to teach the students independence and analytical thinking. Another objective of the project is to introduce and teach the students and teachers to use the modern technologies by integrating them into the educational process.
Kind of project:KEGA ()
Department:Institute of Applied Informatics, Automation and Mechatronics (MTF)
Project identification:040STU-4/2016
Project status:Successfully completed
Project start date :01. 01. 2016
Project close date:31. 12. 2018
Number of workers in the project:15
Number of official workers in the project:14

Official project workers

The following table shows the researcher workers who have been assigned official roles in a project.

OfficerOfficial roles
Bc. Alena Michálikováadministrátor
doc. Ing. Michal Kopček, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Martin Neštický, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Andrea Némethová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
doc. Ing. Peter Schreiber, CSc.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Igor Halenár, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Marcel Nikmonspoluriešiteľ
Ing. Gennadii Samsonovspoluriešiteľ
Ing. Bohuslava Juhásová, PhD.aktuálny zodpovedný riešiteľ
Ing. Martin Juhás, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Andrej Eliáš, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Tibor Horákspoluriešiteľ
Ing. Martin Németh, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Eduard Nemlaha, PhD.spoluriešiteľ