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Whisper BWB: international urban-social-art research for 3 Danube capitals with interactive pavilions and artistic installations

Supervisor: Ekaterina Kochergina

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Project description:The project presents no analogues cross-cultural dialog between Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest to identify emotional aspects of urban reality -- "FEELING OF THE CITY" - in 3 different cultures, with common history, on the one way --Danube. By art and design this project opens people worries, desires and hopes, shows their opinion about surrounding. In special pavilions on central squares everyone can experience atmosphere of the city by walking through the art installation from metal profiles of famous buildings (Bratislava Castle, Radio Pyramid, St.Stefan Cathedral, Budapest Parliament, etc.) and then vote for their own feeling of the city (by choosing from different words).Target group: from 15 y.o. to infinity. Sociologists, urban researchers and movie makers will follow visitors. After this opinion poll, 10 words, which received the biggest amount of votes, will become basis for second project phase -- movie and artistic installation on the river Danube which shows people feeling of the life in 3 European capitals. /// During the opinion poll in public spaces will be chosen 10 words, which show people feelings of current life. These words will become a basis for artistic installation on the river in front of the city promenade, made from transparent materials, lighting solar panels and pontoons. Installation will be barely noticeable from opposite embankment, but it reflects water and city. It speaks in a whisper. Based on the whole process movie about 3 cities identity will be made by Slovak Film Company. Special education program for students, organization of lectures and international workshop is already developed in cooperation with other universities and cultural NGO (Danubiana museum,TU Wien, Budapest BME, Oikodrom). Current application presents the first and very important project phase -- OPINION POLL. Specially designed voting pavilions will be made from natural materials, using interactive technologies and 3 cities Life stream connection. Artistic environment in pavilions, public activity and democratic opinion poll shows new approaches for social and urban research, inviting every one of citizens to communicate with the city and between three countries, to express their own position. The research provides clear description of current urban environment, which by the analytic work of specialists in urban planning, sociologists (Sociologický ústav SAV), designers and engineers will become basis as for future installation as for new urban strategies, social-cultural activity, contemporary art and renewed communication between 3 capitals.
Kind of project:
Štátny program ()
Department:The Institute of Architecture of Residential Buildings (FAD)
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Not approved
Project start date :
18. 04. 2016
Project close date:
31. 12. 2016
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