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Temporal development of the impact of water structure on groundwater level regime connected with a proposal of technical measures for solution of unfavourable groundwater level, their efficiency and durability.

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Andrej Šoltész, PhD.

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Project description:Every construction of a water structure is an intervention into the environment of the adjacent landscape as well as very often into the life of people living in the vicinity of the water structure. Very important element of the impact of water structure is the influence of a increased as well as decreased surface water level on groundwater level regime. The scientific group dealt with this problem in the past, nowadays they want to develop a methodology for connection of monitoring data realised on every water structure with a numerical solution of the interaction of surface and ground water. On base of the results of numerical solution technical measures will be proposed for the optimisation of unfavourable groundwater level regime with simultaneous determination of their efficiency and durability. Results of such numerical research connected with field data measurements in frame of a monitoring programme give a very good assumption for the determination of temporal development of ground water level regime after introduction of control measures and for determination of temporal limitation of the efficiency of such measures, its clogging as well as the complete elimination at groundwater level control. The goal of the research will be the design of the most effective control measure, its durability and possibilities for its renovation. The research assumes at the solution modelling techniques with simultaneous field measurements in the vicinity of the water structure.
Kind of project:VEGA ()
Department:Department of Hydraulic Engineering (FCE)
Project identification:1/1139/04
Project status:Successfully completed
Project start date :01. 01. 2004
Project close date:31. 12. 2006
Number of workers in the project:1
Number of official workers in the project:0