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Study of energetic ion effects on atomic and electronic structures of ultrathin 2D hetero-systems for electronics

Supervisor: Ing. Jozef Dobrovodský, CSc.

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Project description:The continuing miniaturization of silicon-based electronics and simultaneous research of graphene led to the atomically thin two-dimensional semiconductors. Combining semiconductor 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDC) and other 2D materials such as conductive graphene and hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), which is an insulator, it is possible to form an ultra-thin semiconductor devices including field-effect transistors (FET) . Since such electronics has low energy consumption, low weight and is mechanically extremely strong, significant interest for utilisation, inter alia, at the space station, spacecraft and aircraft is expected. Such applications are conditional on knowledge of such material behavior in ionizing radiation environment. Their characteristics have not been yet studied for 2D TMDC nanolayers. Project is devoted to the study of induced changes at nanolayer structures of h-BN, MoSe2, WSE2, MoS2 and WS2 by ion beam irradiation. The samples will be irradiated by accelerated protons, helium ions and by heavy element ions in a wide energy range from tens of keV to tens of MeV. In the final stage of the project, the radiation resistance of atomically thin layer FET will be examined. Atomic and electron structural changes will be analyzed by atomic resolution TEM, AFM, Raman spectroscopy and by electrical measurements.
Kind of project:APVV - Všeobecná výzva ()
Department:Advanced Technologies Research Institute (MTF)
Project identification:APVV-16-0500
Project status:Not approved
Project start date :01. 07. 2017
Project close date:31. 12. 2020
Number of workers in the project:8
Number of official workers in the project:8

Official project workers

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OfficerOfficial roles
Mária Rešetková, MBAadministratíva
Ing. Matúš Beňo, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Marcel Meško, Ph.D.spolurišiteľ
Ing. Martin Muškaspoluriešiteľ
Ing. Jozef Dobrovodský, CSc.zodpovedný riešiteľ
Mgr. Lucia Bónová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
doc. Ing. Stanislav Minárik, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Pavol Noga, PhD.spoluriešiteľ