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The use of waste polymer and oil materials in production of bitumen.

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Pavol Daučík, PhD.

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Project description:The project deals with using of waste polymers, waste rubber as modificators along with waste oil in asfalt compositions. The aim is to find correlation between composition and use properties of system asphalt - polymer - waste oil. Based on study of polymer and waste rubber` structures influence on properties of modified asphalts, the possibility of industrial use of waste polymers and rubber will be assesed. The possibility of mixinf of waste materials with fresh SBS and EVA copolymers in production of asphalt. Study of possible use of waste oil is focused on production of fluxing agents, used in production of blown asphalts. Most modern separation (LC, GPC), spectral (NMR, IR) and thermal (DSC) methods along with rheological testing will be deployed for characterization of asphalt, polymer and wastes composition.
Kind of project:APVV ()
Department:Department of Petroleum Technology and Petrochemistry (IOCP FCFT)
Project identification:APVV-20-036705
Project status:Successfully completed
Project start date :01. 05. 2006
Project close date:31. 08. 2009
Number of workers in the project:1
Number of official workers in the project:0