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Study of cytotoxicity and mode of action of novel xenobiotics

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Soňa Jantová, CSc.

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Project description:The overall aim of the project is to develop the new potential anticancer drug. Therefore the cytotoxic and genotoxic properties of the compounds of four structural types will be evaluated. Special attention will be focused to determine the cell death way and the mechanism of the action of chosen most active derivatives of nitrogenous heterocycles, Cu++ complexes and ITC; notably the interference with the glycolysis and respiration of EAC cells, the interference with the membranes, the cell cycle, their ability to induce apoptosis in different tumor cell lines. Modulation of glutathione metabolism can provide a strategy for more efficacious sensitization of tumour cells to a standard anticancer drugs (ITC) in chemotherapy and anticancer activity of new modulators of glutathione relative enzyme will be investigated. The ability of quinolones to form singlet oxygen in the presence of UV irradiation and to induce phototoxic effect will be monitored. The next aim is the use of natural compounds for blockage, reversion and prevention of cancer. Therefore, the ability of phenolic phytochemicals to inhibit mutagenic activity of positive mutagens ,their potential synergistic interactions and the relationship between the genetic origin, methods of isolation and their potential antimutagenic effect will be evaluated.
Kind of project:VEGA ()
Department:Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology (IBM FCFT)
Project identification:1/4305/07
Project status:Successfully completed
Project start date :01. 01. 2007
Project close date:31. 12. 2009
Number of workers in the project:1
Number of official workers in the project:0