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Concept of the HCS model 3E vs. concept of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Peter Sakál, CSc.

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Project description:The aim of the projekt is dissmirate the results of the research project no. 019/2001: "Transforming Industry in Slovakia Through Participatory Ergonomic" (which is financially supported by the Slovakia-American fund for scientific and technical cooperation) and also KEGA Ministry of Education no. 3-3111-05. At present, the research continues in cooperation with CHIRANA PROGRESS, s.r.o. Piešťany in the field of sustainable development (SD) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The aim of this research is to contribute to achieving the vision of Agenda 21 and the Lisbon Strategy in the individual pillars of sustainable development in terms of research activities and teaching process at work STU MTF Trnava.
Kind of project:APVV - Program LPP ()
Department:Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management (MTF)
Project identification:LPP-0384-09
Project status:Successfully completed
Project start date :03. 09. 2009
Project close date:07. 06. 2013
Number of workers in the project:3
Number of official workers in the project:3

Official project workers

The following table shows the researcher workers who have been assigned official roles in a project.

OfficerOfficial roles
Mária Rešetková, MBAadministratíva
prof. Ing. Peter Sakál, CSc.zodpovedný riešiteľ
Ing. Gabriela Hrdinová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ