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Structural and magnetic changes of disordered and nanocrystalline alloys

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jozef Sitek, DrSc.

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Project description:Amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys of the type Fe1-xNixNbB will be analyzed from the point of view of nickel content changes in the range 0 to 50 % nickel content. Structural and magnetic parameters as well as phase composition will be monitored with the aim of optimization their micro- and macroscopic properties according tothe requested parameters. The specimens will be exposed to various external influences; before all to atmospheric corrosion to explore the long-term external impact on their parameters. Ba (Sr) and NiZn ferrites willbe prepared by combination of different substituents using nanoparticle technology. It will be ferrites containing small particles or eventually products with disordered structure may occur among them. Our attention will be focused before all on the magnetocrystalline structure of these newly synthetised magnetic materials from discovering view as well as practical use. Mössbauer spectroscopy will be the carrier method.
Kind of project:VEGA ()
Department:Department of nuclear physics and technology (FEEIT)
Project identification:1/0606/09
Project status:Successfully completed
Project start date :01. 01. 2009
Project close date:31. 12. 2011
Number of workers in the project:2
Number of official workers in the project:0