Jun 18, 2019   12:01 p.m. Vratislav
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Study of environmental friendly binder on biological base for moulding sands

Supervisor: Ing. Roland Šuba, PhD.

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The following table shows details about research workers on the project "Study of environmental friendly binder on biological base for moulding sands".

A list of all workers participating in the project

The following table contains a list of all research workers co-oprating on the project.

Bc. Alena MichálikováVV OPOM MTF [terminated]+421 918 646 011T-13
Ing. Roland Šuba, PhD.DFY UVTE MTF+421 906 068 336T-117
Ing. Eugen Belica, PhD.DFY UVTE MTF+421 906 068 504ŤL-133
doc. Ing. Matej Beznák, CSc.KZAZ UVTE MTF [terminated]
Ing. Michal Boháčik, PhD.MTF D-STM [finished]
prof. Ing. Alexander Čaus, DrSc.DFY UVTE MTF+421 906 068 344T-119
doc. Ing. Kristína Gerulová, PhD.KEI UIBE MTF+421 908 674 063Dekanat
Ing. Vladimír HanzenMTF D-STM [finished]
Ing. Marek Hurajt, PhD.MTF D-STM [finished]
Ing. Roman KrafskýMTF D-STM [finished]
Ing. Anna Michalíková, CSc.KEI UIBE MTF+421 906 068 klapka 512ŤL 308
Ing. Dušan NosáľMTF D-STM [finished]
doc. Ing. Štefan Podhorský, CSc.DFY UVTE MTF+421 906 068 528ŤL-128
Ing. Ján Porubský, PhD.MTF D-STM [finished]
Ing. Jaroslav Sojka, PhD.MTF D-STM [finished]
Ing. Peter Úradník, PhD.MTF D-STM [finished]
Ing. Dušan Vaňa, PhD.UVPT MTF+421 908 674 128NC 115
Ing. Ján Vrabec, PhD.MTF D-STM [finished]

Role:administrationmethodic executive officersolverassistantobserver