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Study of flexible mechatronics system variable parameters influence on its control

Supervisor: Dr.h.c. prof. Dr. Ing. Oliver Moravčík

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Project description:Within the context of using of new flexible materials and derated mechanism constructions in the mechatronics systems in the present is dedicated large focus to elimination of spurious frequencies in drives and motional mechanisms in research. Because of extensity of this issue this project dealt with elected type of mechatronics system only. The basic aim of adaptive control in this type of system is ineligible influences elimination. Proponed project is focused on: - Physical and mathematical analysis of parameters that influencing control; - Design and verification of chosen advanced control methods; - Investigation of sensitivity and robustness of solution. The basic objective of the project is design of appropriate manner of flexible mechatronics system adaptive control.
Kind of project:VEGA ()
Department:Institute of Applied Informatics, Automation and Mechatronics (MTF)
Project identification:1/0463/13
Project status:Successfully completed
Project start date :01. 01. 2013
Project close date:31. 12. 2015
Number of workers in the project:22
Number of official workers in the project:22

Official project workers

The following table shows the researcher workers who have been assigned official roles in a project.

OfficerOfficial roles
Dr.h.c. prof. Dr. Ing. Oliver Moravčíkzodpovedný riešiteľ
Mgr. Zuzana Červeňanskáspoluriešiteľ
Ing. Martin Juhás, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
RNDr. Renáta Masárová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
doc. Ing. Maximilián Strémy, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Bc. Alena Michálikováadministratíva
Ing. Andrej Eliáš, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Bohuslava Juhásová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Bc. Beáta Vrbovskáspoluriešiteľ
Ing. Lukáš Hrčka, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Miriam Iringová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
PaedDr. Janette Kotianová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Ľuboš Ondriga, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Andrej Strašifták, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
RNDr. Mária Tóthová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
RNDr. Ľudmila Vaculíkováspoluriešiteľ
Ing. Igor Halenár, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Mgr. Vladimír Liška, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Eduard Nemlaha, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Mgr. Ingrida Bajčičáková, PhD.spoluriešiteľ
Ing. Soňa Duchovičováspoluriešiteľ
Mgr. Zuzana Šutová, PhD.spoluriešiteľ