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Connectivity and flood runoff dynamics in headwater catchments of SLovakia

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Silvia Kohnová, PhD.

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Project description:
Hydrological connectivity of subsurface and surface storages or different catchment elements within a landscape is a crucial factor in the complex process of flood flow generation on hillslopes. The project aims to develop modelling systems, which respects observed connectivity patterns based on experimental monitoring of runoff generation in pilot headwater catchments in four typical forested and agricultural hydrological environments. Instead of building complex representations of structural connectivity elements in 3D as in conventional distributed models, innovative hybrid distributed conceptual modelling representations of the governing processes and controls will be sought. Typical patterns of the observed dynamics of processes will be conceptually represented in a two-level distributed modelling framework. At the first level of spatial variability, based on the monitored processes, observed source areas and connectivity patterns, the hydrological response unit (HRU) concept will be used with spatially homogeneous parameterization, which will be allowed to change in time. To respect the spatial variability of state of the catchment, within these units, grid-based conceptual models will be driven by spatially distributed inputs.These will be fed by data from monitoring, remote sensing and radar meteorology. This hybrid scheme can include surface and subsurface levels (vertically 1D or 2D). Such dynamic conceptualization and quantification of flow connectivity dynamics on hillslopes and consideration of geomorphological systems as networks of time-varying conceptual elements can lead to new insights in the analysis and understanding of catchments as a set of modelling objects and their linkages. These can serve catchment management in estimating potential changes in the dynamics of runoff generation during periods of land use changes and for estimating the effectivity of nonstructural flood mitigation.
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APVV - Všeobecná výzva ()
Department of Land and Water Resources Management (FCE)
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In progress
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01. 07. 2020
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30. 06. 2024
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