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Type of thesis:
Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:
Traditional Technology of Construction of a Traditional House in Kuwait
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Opponent:prof. Ing. Jozef Gašparík, PhD.
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Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Title of the thesis:
Traditional Technology of Construction of a Traditional House in Kuwait
In this work I tried to show how to built family house. Designing, establishing and executing of building with full appointments used for Kuwait family as home. Design and supervision, are made by a chartered engineering consultative office with the design presented to the owner to approve before execution as is Kuwait rule. Works can starts after approval of design project of building. First of all is made investigation of soil, after that can starts excavation works. When is electricity, water and sewage supply done, we can start with works of foundations. Firstly must be sight points which are necessary for good placement of formwork. When is concrete of base slab completely dry, we can start with casting of columns and walls as it is in project. As soon as is ''gross building'' complete, we can start with building works as an isolation works, health works or electrification. Also we must think about economically used machines in the household like solar panels, which can supports saving of energy. In the end we do the finishing works like paintings, wood works, tiling and installation of doors and windows
Key words:
Kuwait, traditional technology, house, construction,

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